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Food Science and Human Nutrition Department

Food Science and Human Nutrition Department

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  • Careers at FSHN

    Marketing and Communications Specialist

    Develop communications and marketing strategies for student recruitment at the undergraduate and graduate level.  Create print and electronic materials for recruitment communication with prospective students and transfer advisers. Work closely with Student Services to maintain up to date print and electronic department content.  Evaluates advertising and promotion material for compatibility with IFAS’ public relations efforts (i.e., branding, social
    media, website, blogging).

    Create and maintain external relations through social media communications, brochures, signage and other.  Incumbent will need to observe trends that might have an impact and make recommendations to enhance FSHN’s image based on these trends.  Communications with alumni, stakeholders, prospective students, and industry/professional contacts will be key.  Support internal communications by identifying appropriate platforms and creating needed materials. Develop a public relations campaign for consistent visibility in higher education context and Department discipline industries.  Provide communication and marketing support for internships and other experiential learning in collaboration with stakeholders.

    Work with content creators and FSHN IT staff to create content for FSHN website related to the research, extension, and teaching programs using a variety of creative modalities.  Serves as a liaison with IFAS Communications for information updates.

    Travel to events and conferences as a representative for the Department.  Maintain contact list for consistent communication as a part of developing and maintaining a department network.  Obtain relevant information at these events to discuss with Department Chair for future budget and marketing goals.

 Our Students

Dongjoo Kim is a first-year graduate student earning his M.S. in Food Science and Human Nutrition. Read on to learn about citrus greening disease and his crucial work to support the Florida citrus industry by developing a delicious product. LEARN MORE...


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