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Food Science and Human Nutrition Department

Food Science and Human Nutrition Department

Undergraduate FAQs

How do I change my major into the Food Science and Human Nutrition Department?

In order to change into the Dietetics major, the Food Science major, or the Nutritional Sciences major, students are required to meet certain GPA requirements and have specific tracking courses.  Please visit the Undergraduate Advising Office in Room 103 for official approval to change your major.

What GPA is required to change into the major?

For prospective non-UF students interested in the FSHN major (Food Science, Nutritional Sciences, or Dietetics), the minimum required tracking GPA is a 2.50. However, to be competitive with the applicant pool you should have a higher GPA than the minimum.

Where can I pick up the Contract for Undergraduate Research for credit?

Please come to the Undergraduate Student Services Office, Room 103. The form is outside on the wall.

How many drops am I given at UF?

Students get two drops in their first 60 credit hours attempted at UF (hours carried plus S/U credits and repeats of satisfactory grades, not counting full-term withdrawals from all courses). Students get two additional drops in the second 60 credit hours. Unused drops do not carry over from the freshman/sophomore years to the junior/senior years.

Where can I pick up a transient form to take classes at my home university and/or community college?

If you are planning to take transient courses at a public Florida institution (Community College or University) complete the form at Florida Shines. Please meet with your academic advisor for approval of courses. If you are enrolling in an out-of-state or private institution, please complete the paper transient form. The form can be acquired in the Undergraduate Student Services Office, Room 103 in the FSHN building.

Where can I find the name of my Faculty Advisor?

Your faculty advisor can be found on the top of your degree audit through ONE.UF.

Where do I go for career/research/preprofessional advising?

Your faculty advisor will be able to provide guidance for career options, research, and pre-professional opportunities. Please see above question to determine your faculty advisor.

Where do I go for academic advising?

The FSHN Undergraduate Academic Advising Office is located in the Food Science and Human Nutrition Building, Room 103.

Where do I go for financial aid advising (Bright Futures or FL Pre-paid)?

For Financial Aid advising please go to S-107 Criser Hall or visit their web site,