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Food Science and Human Nutrition Department

Food Science and Human Nutrition Department

Graduate Program FAQs

How long is the Master’s degree and Ph.D. degree program?

The M.S. program minimum credit requirements are 30-32. Students in the thesis Master’s are usually able to complete the degree in 2-2½ years. The Ph.D. program credit requirements are 90 beyond the B.S. degree. Students who already hold a M.S. degree will be able to transfer M.S. credits towards the Ph.D. credit requirements.

What prerequisites are required for the program?

For Nutritional Sciences, applicants should have already completed chemistry through organic and biochemistry, biology through physiology, genetics, microbiology, physics, and introductory nutrition.
For Food Science, applicants should have already taken chemistry through organic and biochemistry, calculus (2 semesters), biology, physics, and microbiology.
For a description of prerequisites for the Dietetics program, please see M.S. Dietetic Internship Program.

I don’t have a background in Food Science or Nutritional Sciences. Is it possible that I can still be admitted?

In many cases, the answer is yes. Applicants who meet most of the prerequisites, and have otherwise strong credentials, may be admitted with the understanding that certain preparatory courses would be completed early in their program.

I want to become a Registered Dietitian. What do I do?

Please see M.S. Dietetic Internship Program.

I want to obtain a degree in nutrition so that I can counsel people. What track should I be in?

The dissemination of dietary advice to the public for remuneration requires you to be licensed, usually as a Registered Dietitian. Please see M.S. Dietetic Internship Program.

How many students does your program plan to enroll this Fall?

The Department enrolls students in the Fall, Spring, or Summer semester (except for the Dietetics program). There is not a maximum or minimum number of new students taken each year. The Department attempts to accommodate as many well-qualified applicants as possible, no matter their country of origin. Currently, the students in our graduate program hail from about 15 countries.

Can I send a list of my credentials (e.g., my resume or CV) instead of a full application to the department to be evaluated for admission?

No. It is preferable that a complete application be submitted so that we can perform a full evaluation of your credentials. If you have a question about the adequacy of your background for graduate studies in our department, you may email one of them at Graduate Student Advising.

What financial aid is available? Is there any financial aid for M.S. students? Will you provide fellowships or assistantships to international students? Is it necessary for me to submit a fellowship/assistantship application form?

Financial aid for graduate students is awarded on a competitive basis, irrespective of the student’s country of origin. About two-thirds of our students obtain aid, usually in the form of an Assistantship. Awards are made based primarily on the strength of the application and the availability of funding. All applicants are automatically considered by financial aid, and so there is no need to submit a separate financial aid form.

Can I contact any of the faculty to see if they would serve as my major advisor and/or would provide financial support?

Yes, email is preferred - FSHN Faculty & Staff Directory.

How can I check on the status of my application?

When the application process is submitted, you will shortly receive a University of Florida ID number (8 digits) online. To check on the status of your online application, you must log on to ISIS, the university’s secure student information system. ONE.UF logon requires your GatorLink username and password. The website for GatorLink is

If you have questions on the status of your application, please email the Graduate Coordinator Assistant, Rachel Vinyard ( or one of the Graduate Coordinators. Include your full name and the eight-digit UF ID number assigned to you by the University.

Would an MCAT or GMAT score be acceptable instead of a GRE?

The Department requires a GRE score; the MCAT, GMAT, and DAT are not acceptable.

I am an international student. When should I send the Certification of Financial Responsibility Form to the UF International Center? Can I submit it after an admission is offered?

It is preferable that the Certification of Financial Responsibility (CFR) form be sent to the Office of the University Registrar along with your application packet. Without this form, the UF International Center cannot determine your eligibility for the student visa (required for your admission), and if approved for admission, you will not be allowed to enroll until the form is received. However, if you have a pre-admission commitment for an Assistantship from a faculty member, this may serve as a substitute for the CFR.

Do I need to take the TSE if I want to apply for a Teaching Assistantship?

Florida law requires all non-US students who are going to be Teaching Assistants — even if exempted from the TOEFL requirement — to prove adequate command of the English language. Before obtaining a Graduate Teaching Assistantship, the student must submit TSE (Test of Spoken English) or SPEAK (Speaking Proficiency English Assessment Kit) scores that meet the required minimums. Students who do not have TSE scores may take the SPEAK Test on the UF campus upon arrival. For more information on TSE and SPEAK requirements, click on this link: TSE and SPEAK Testing.  There is no such requirement for students awarded a Research Assistantship.

I am an international student with a degree from an American university. Can I apply without a TOEFL score?

International students must submit a TOEFL score or ILET score unless: they are citizens of a country where English is an official language, have spent at least one academic year as a full-time student at a college or university in a country where English is an official language, earned a prior bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or doctoral degree at an accredited university in the United States, or have official proof of successfully completing the UF English Language Institute’s program before admission.

Something went wrong during my online application process. What do I do now?

Contact the University Registrar at 352-392-1374 and ask for the Graduate Admissions desk. You may also email Michael Cruz ( or the FSHN Department Graduate Coordinator Assistant, Rachel Vinyard (