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Food Science and Human Nutrition Department

Food Science and Human Nutrition Department

Student Involvement


    Though catered towards Food Science, Nutrition, and Dietetic majors, the Food Science and Human Nutrition Club at the University of Florida welcomes students of all backgrounds and interests to come share their love for food and education. Active members are given the opportunity to interact with faculty and staff within related departments and have access to a variety of volunteer, scholastic, and leadership opportunities throughout the UF community and beyond.

    The Club aims to serve the UF and Gainesville community through education of food science, dietetics, and nutritional sciences.

    Club Pillars


    • Serving as a resource for professional development of students
    • Serving the UF & Gainesville community through education of food science, dietetics, and nutritional sciences


    • Educating students and the University of Florida community on special topics within food science, dietetics, and nutrition
    • Educating the Gainesville community through healthy eating habits and food production


    • Enhancing the social well-being of students and community members though service and education 

    Typical Activities and Events:

    • Teaching nutrition to the Gainesville Science Club
    • Cooking for the patients of Winn Dixie Cancer Hope Lodge

      • Developing menus
      • Creating food labels
    • Competing in the Institute of Food Technologists competitions such as:

      • College Bowl
      • Product Development Competition

      Meets: Wednesdays at 5:15PM, location varying. 

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      Contact the FSHN Club at or by messaging any of the officers through Facebook.

      Herschel Johnson
      Dr. Beth Gankofskie

      OFFICERS 2019-2020
      President: Shannon Mai
      VP of Food Science: Lisa Tin
      VP of Nutrition: Lauren Reschenthaler
      VP of Dietetics: Lily Tucciarone
      Treasurer: Angello Rennella
      Secretary: Isabella Ramirez
      Historian: Mandy Jiang
      Culinary Coordinator: Lissette Gonzalez


      IFT College Bowl is an annual trivia event that fosters critical thinking, friendly competition, and collaboration that undergraduate and graduate students may participate in. Trivia can range from various topics related to the food science and human nutrition, such as physical sciences, engineering, IFT knowledge and more. Participants gain technical skills and experiences outside of the classroom. Joining College Bowl or any IFT-related event starts in the fall semester and continues throughout the year. 

      Please see the IFT College Bowl website for more information.

      The FSHN Club posts events and news from the College Bowl on social media:

      Contact the UF College Bowl at 


      Dr. Naim Montazeri

      2019-2020 Board:

      VP of Food Science: Lisa Tin

      Assistant VP of Food Science: Nannapas (Ploy) Muenprasittivej

      Team Captain: Evan Flores

     Related Organizations


      he purpose of CASU is to cultivate a community of food. We constantly foster and promote diversity via our organization's events and meetings. We showcase different cultures and highlight the link between food and community, all while bringing our members together. We also teach our members essential cooking skills that they will continue to use throughout their lives. Our executive board consists of 20 officers, and we try to have 1-2 events each month, totaling up to 8 events per semester. With smaller cooking classes where members can get more hands-on experience, the attendance can be anywhere from 30-40, due to the limited space of the pilot plant. However, with our GBMs, we have had 120 people attended in the past events.

      Throughout the semester, we hold a variety of events to teach students about food science, cultural experience, diversity, and nutrition. Our General Body Meeting (GBM) is a type of event that we will have at the beginning of each semester to introduce ourselves to the members. With the GBMs, we cook most of the food ourselves with the purpose of introducing and showcasing the cultural and historical aspects of the food to the members. Another type of event that we have is the cooking class. With these cooking classes, we teach students basic cooking techniques by demonstrating certain recipes with a theme in mind (the theme can be certain food from a region or food that are good for your brain/skin). This is a more hands-on event for students as they will cook all of the food by themselves with our help. In addition, we also hold a cooking competition every semester based off the show "Chopped". Students can test their creativity in making food and have fun with friends at this event. Another type of event that we have is conflict cafe, where we teach students about the food from a certain country and invite a speaker to talk about the current conflict that is happening in the region. Students can engage in discussion about the topic with one another and have more insights about the current news. 

      Follow CASU on Facebook.

      Contact CASU at or messaging through Facebook. 


      Sharyn Passeretti

      2019-2020 EXECUTIVE BOARD:

      President: Trung Van

      Team Leader: Claire Hendrick
      Daniel Reiter
      Robert Van Valkenberg
      David Ervin
      Gabby Gardunio
      Catherine Padilla
      Alexis Diaz

      Team Leader: Linda Dillon
      Deepali Signh
      Arvind Shankar
      Gera Fisher
      Jawad Khan

      Team Leader: Nathan Campbell
      Franz Nartatez
      Andrew Le
      Khoi Vu