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Food Science and Human Nutrition Department

Food Science and Human Nutrition Department


Each spring, CALS recognizes outstanding students at its Scholarship and Leadership Awards Banquet.

  • Jimmy G. Cheek Graduate Student Medal of Excellence

    This award was created to honor Dr. Jimmy Cheek's 33 years of service to UF as a faculty member in agricultural education and communication, CALS Assistant Dean and Dean, and senior vice president for agriculture and natural resources. It is presented to a graduate student who demonstrates high academic potential and achievement, leadership and community involvement, commitment and passion about his or her chosen field of study, personal sacrifice for his or her education, and effort above and beyond the call of duty.

    Past Recipients

    Academic YearNameMajor
    2018-2019 Kirsten Hecht Interdisciplinary Ecology
    2017-2018 Arun Jani Agronomy
    2016-2017 John Hargrove Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
    2015-2016 Esteban Rios Agronomy
    2014-2015 Amanda Ford Nutritional Sciences
    2013-2014 Ricardo B. Valladares Microbiology and Cell Science
    2012-2013 Matthew H. Shirley Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
    2011-2012 Cory J. Krediet Interdisciplinary Ecology
    2010-2011 Andrew Barbour Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
    2009-2010 Andrew Thoron Agricultural Education and Communication
    2008-2009 Sebastian Galindo-Gonzalez Agricultural Education and Communication/Animal Sciences

  • Jack L. Fry Graduate Student Teaching Award

    This award is given in honor of Dr. Jack L. Fry, professor emeritus and former CALS Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs.

    Past Recipients

    Academic YearNameMajor
    2018-2019 Kevin Kent Agricultural Education and Communication
    2017-2018 Amanda Desormeaux Interdisciplinary Ecology
    2016-2017 Michael Vickers Entomology and Nematology
    2015-2016 Berthrude Albert Agricultural Education and Communication
    2014-2015 Chris Mott Agricultural Education and Communication
    2013-2014 Jessica Holt Agricultural Education and Communication
    2012-2013 Kelly Monaghan Interdisciplinary Ecology
    2011-2012 Dana Bigham Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
    2010-2011 Catherine Shoulders Agricultural Education and Communication
    2009-2010 William Pelletier Agricultural and Biological Engineering
    2008-2009 Karen Cannon Agricultural Education and Communication
    2007-2008 Roslynn G.H. Brain Agricultural Education and Communication
    2006-2007 Nicholas E. Fuhrman Agricultural Education and Communication
    2005-2006 James Dunford Entomology and Nematology
    2004-2005 Amanda Ruth-McSwain Agricultural Education and Communication
    2003-2004 Christy Bratcher Animal Sciences
    2002-2003 Jennifer Gillett Plant Pathology
    2001-2002 Susan Moyers Food Science and Human Nutrition
    2000-2001 Hector Perez Horticultural Science
    1999-2000 Kerry Smith Animal Sciences


  • UF/IFAS CALS Graduate Student Travel Grant


    The IFAS/CALS Graduate Student Travel Grant Program provides matching funds up to $250.00 to each graduate student applicant who is presenting a paper or poster on their original research at a regional, national, or international scientific meeting (one award per fiscal year). This travel grant must be matched 1:1 by funds provided through the student's department/program or advisor. The grants are reimbursed directly to the department, not the graduate student.


    All graduate students in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, School of Forest Resources and Conservation, and School of Natural Resources and Environment are eligible.

    Apply: Application

    Deadlines: Depends on the date of your travel:

    For Conference Dates: Apply By:
    January 1 - March 31 November 1
    April 1 - June 30 February 1
    July 1 - September 30 May 1
    October 1 - December 31 August 1
  • James Davidson Graduate Travel Scholarship


    The purpose of these scholarships is to provide funding to help defray travel expenses for graduate students presenting a paper or poster at a national or international professional meeting or conference. These scholarships are named after Dr. James M. Davidson, former Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida, who established the endowment to fund these scholarships.


    All graduate students in CALS

    Apply: Application

    Deadlines: depend on the date of your travel:

    For Conference dates: Apply by:
    January 1 - June 30 November 1
    July 1 - December 31 May 1
  • UF Graduate Student Council Travel Grants

    The UF Graduate Student Council provides travel grants of up to $350.

    Apply online: Apply here

  • UF Research and Graduate Programs Travel Grant


    Travel to conferences, symposia, and special research opportunities are essential for the professional development of advanced research students. The University also benefits by being represented at such events. The Office of Research and Graduate Programs (RGP) has therefore established a program to supplement student travel when other funding sources are insufficient. RGP guidelines for travel funding cap awards at $300 per trip and require 1:1 matching funds from the department and/or college. These funds are primarily for assistance with the cost of travel, particularly airfare. These grants are one-time awards to Graduate Students. RGP can not provide any retroactive reimbursements.

    Apply: Application


  • The Graduate School Grinter Fellowships


    Grinter fellowships are named in honor of Dr. Linton E. Grinter, who was Dean of the Graduate School, 1952-1969. The intent of the Grinter Fellowship is to facilitate the recruitment of truly exceptional graduate students to the University of Florida through partial stipend support.


    Students entering into a Ph.D. program administered within the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. For more information, please contact the Graduate Coordinator of your intended Ph.D. program. Grinter Fellowship stipends are normally in the $2,000-$4,000 per year range. Continuation of the Grinter beyond the first year (up to a total of three years) is contingent upon satisfactory student progress.


The recipient and their faculty advisor (for graduate students) must attend the UFIC International Student Awards Ceremony during the Fall semester. 

  • Alec Courtelis Award


    The Alec Courtelis Award is given annually to three outstanding international graduate students.  The award was first given at the 1996 International Student Awards Ceremony by Louise Courtelis in honor of her late husband, Alec Courtelis, a well-known financier and former Chairman of the Board of Regents. A wall plaque bearing the name of the award recipients and the year it was awarded is located at the University of Florida International Center. The University of Florida International Center is pleased to announce they will be presenting three awards this year of $3,000.00, $1,500.00, and $1,500.00 respectively. 

    Eligibility/Nominating Criteria

    1. Currently enrolled in a Master or Doctoral Program.
    2. Demonstrates outstanding academic achievement.
    3. Contributions to the department, rec center, and college exceed expectations.
    4. Contributions and service to campus life at UF and/or statewide educational facility exceed expectations.
    5. A non-immigrant student visa holder (F-1 or J-1).
    6. Involvement in Gainesville community.

    Note: If a student at statewide educational facility, involvement in local community will suffice.

    To nominate international graduate student(s), the academic unit should submit to the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Dean’s Office a nomination packet that includes the following items:

    1. Three letters of recommendation to Dr. Al Wysocki (addressing above criteria).
    2. Student’s Curriculum Vitae or resume.

    The CALS Awards, Scholarships, and Fellowships committee will rank the nominees and the top two nominees' packets will then be forward to the University of Florida International Center's selection committee.

  • Scarborough-Maud Fraser Scholarship


    The Scarborough Agency has provided an insurance option for international students for nearly 20 years. The agency established this award to show appreciation for the opportunity to work with international students at the University of Florida.

    The Scarborough Scholarship will be given to two international students enrolled in a master’s or Ph.D. program in the amount of $1,000.00 each.


    The nominees should meet the following criteria:

    • Demonstrates unforeseen financial difficulty due to medical circumstances.*
    • Currently enrolled full-time in a master's or Ph.D. program.
    • Demonstrates at least a 3.0 G.P.A.
    • A non-immigrant J-1 or F-1 student visa holder.

    Upon meeting the above criteria you may nominate yourself or another student by submitting the following:

    1. An essay of 500-800 words describing unforeseen circumstances.*
    2. Supporting documentation: receipts, bills, letters from professors, etc.

    A selection committee appointed by the University of Florida International Center will rank and choose the submitted nominees.

    *Essays and documentation are confidential and are only viewed by the UFIC selection committee.

  • Outstanding International Student Awards


    During the Fall semester, the Dean’s Office will forward a list of international students in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences to all CALS academic units. Each academic unit can nominate one international student (undergraduate and graduate) to be recognized as an outstanding international student. The CALS Awards, Scholarships and Fellowships committee will choose five students from the pool of nominees. The recipient and their faculty advisor (for graduate students) must attend the UFIC International Student Awards Ceremony during the Fall semester. Other faculty and unit administrators are encouraged to attend. This is not a monetary award; students will receive a certificate signed by the College Dean.

    Eligibility/Nominating Criteria

    1. Minimum GPA of 3.5.
    2. Exceptional scholarly research activity.
    3. Outstanding participation in the department.
    4. Service to the University community.

    To nominate an international student, the academic unit should submit a letter of nomination to Dr. Al Wysocki (Associate Dean) addressing the eligibility/nominating criteria. The letter of nomination should be signed by the undergraduate coordinator for undergraduate students or the graduate coordinator for graduate students. The Unit Leaders signature is required on the nomination letter for both undergraduate and graduate students.

    A selection committee appointed by the University of Florida International Center will choose and rank the submitted nominees. 


  • Rotary Global Grant Scholarship

    The Rotary Global Grant Scholarship is for a graduate student who is committed to study abroad in one of the Six Focus Areas of Rotary. The Applicant can be a graduating senior, recent graduate or a professional who wishes to return to school at the graduate level. The student must have a local Rotary Club sponsor. The student must have identified an institution abroad, and by time the application reaches Rotary International, must have been accepted by the institution and a contact at that institute known. In addition a local Rotary Club host must be identified. The guidelines, applications and the Six Areas of Focus are available here.