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Food Science and Human Nutrition Department

Food Science and Human Nutrition Department

Dr. Susan S. Percival

Professor & Chair

Dr. Percival’s research program focuses on enhancing immunity by dietary components with an emphasis on a specific immune cell, the γδ-T cell. Her lab investigates individual compounds, such as L-theanine, ellagic acid and quercetin; foods such as mushrooms, cranberry juice, grapes and grape juice; and botanicals or mixtures of other compounds that are found in dietary supplements such as aged garlic extract. Using both human subjects and cell culture models we are learning about the mechanisms by which immunity is modified by diet. The goal is to improve immune function while reducing damaging effects associated with chronic inflammation.

Because of the demands of her administrative position, Dr. Percival is not taking on many graduate students at this time.


  • Research


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  • Teaching

    Because of the demands of her administrative position, Dr. Percival is not teaching at this time.

Contact Information

572 Newell Dr.
FSHN Building
Room 359C
P.O. Box 110370
Gainesville, FL 32611-0370

Phone (Chair Office): 352.392.2022 ext. 22022


  • Education
    • Post Doctoral Research Fellow. Texas A&M University; Dept. of Biochemistry and Biophysics, 1987-89
    • Ph.D. University of Texas, Austin; University of Texas Health Center at Tyler; Biological Sciences, 1985
    • M.S. University of California, Davis; Nutritional Sciences, 1978
    • B.S. University of Rhode Island; Foods and Nutrition, 1976
  • Publications
  • Honors/Awards
    • International Life Sciences Institute, Future Leaders Award, 1990-1992
    • University of Florida College of Agriculture, Nominated for Advisor of the Year, 1997, 2002
    • University of Florida IFAS, Superior Accomplishment Award, 2002
  • Lab Information