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Food Science and Human Nutrition Department

Food Science and Human Nutrition Department

Online Learning Resources

Making the Most of Online Learning

During this time of transition and ever-changing conditions, we in the Food Science and Human Nutrition department are committed to supporting our exceptional students, faculty, and staff as well as our community.

The FSHN Department transitioned all classes to online formats on Monday, March 16th. Student Advising has moved to phone appointments and email advising. Please see Canvas for more information.

Check our Events & News page for information about changes to upcoming events.

Resources for Online Learning

UF’s Keep Learning: Updates on the technology needed for online learning, as well as tips on how to make online learning effective and less stressful.

Tutoring: Information on UF Sponsored tutoring.

  • Video Conferencing Tips for Students, Faculty and Staff

    Thanks to Ken Gankofskie for these tips on how to make the most of online learning and teleconferencing:

    Sound Control

      • Sit and listen in the room that will be your filming room. What do you hear? Dogs barking? Traffic? AC fans? TVs? Refrigerator? You get the idea.
      • Use a microphone. Experiment with getting in the right position so that words with P or B don’t make a popping sound.
      • Use a room with rugs and/or curtains to eliminate echo

    Light Control

      • If you wear glasses, be conscious of glare and reflections.
      • Place lighting in front of you.
      • Don’t sit with a window or lighting behind you.
      • Adjust your camera’s white balance if it has that ability.


      • When you’re talking, spend some time looking at the camera lens, not the screen.
      • Your camera should be at eye level, not down or up.
      • Speak slowly.
      • Try to have a blank wall behind you. It will surprise you what you can see behind people during classes and teleconferencing.
          • Refrain from using a novelty background. It may be distracting to other participants.
      • Test the video while standing as opposed to sitting. You may feel more comfortable.
          • Sit or stand close to the screen. Your face should fill most of it.

    Bonus: Test your video with your fellow students to see if you have the above points covered and to help you get to know your equipment. Turn it into a fun social experience!

    Optional equipment if using a cell phone: 

      • Phone stand: For help with video lighting and phone positioning 
      • Microphone: For improved audio on phone with an audio jack
  • UF Resources for Students, Faculty, and Staff

    Aid-A-Gator (For Students; For Faculty/Staff): An emergency fund providing assistance to UF students, faculty, and staff who experience a temporary financial hardship.

    Field & Fork Pantry: Offers non-perishable food, toiletries, and fresh produce when available. Students, faculty, and staff need only bring their Gator1 ID card. 

    UF Employee Assistance Program: Offers assistance and resources to faculty, staff, graduate assistance, non-student OPS employees, housestaff/residents, and postdoc associates as well as household members. 

COVID-19 Updates and FAQ