It is strongly recommended that students planning to apply for a dietetic internship obtain dietetics related work or volunteer experience. Most dietetic internships require additional experience beyond coursework, so volunteering and/or working help make students more competitive in the internship matching process.

Examples of areas/places students may volunteer/work include: clinical nutrition in a hospital or clinic, community nutrition in wellness programs or food banks, sports nutrition in an athletic program, and foodservice in a college, long-term care, or hospital setting. Students should explore a variety of dietetic settings.

Note: The UF DPD Program does not require students to complete work and/or volunteer experiences to graduate, so no affiliation agreements with experiential sites are required as part of the program's policies.

Use the UF DPD Volunteer Log to document your volunteer hours.

UF DPD students volunteering at a local food bank during Spring 2018


The Dietetics listserv announces job listings and volunteer opportunities periodically. Contact Herschel Johnson to be added. The Advising Office has a flyer with more information about volunteering.