UF DPD Alumni Awarded as the NCAND 2019 Outstanding Dietetic Student of the Year

Congratulations to Jessica Yomano, a UF DPD alumni and current nutrition graduate student at Appalachian State University, who has been awarded the North Carolina Acadmy of Nutrition and Dietetics' 2019 Outstanding Dietetic Student of the Year Award.

DPD Student Recognized as CALS Honors Scholar


At the 2019 College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) awards ceremony, DPD senior Samantha Toffoli was recognized as a CALS Honors Scholar for successfully completing the CALS Upper Division Honors Program. Also pictured are Dr. Turner (right), the UF CALS Dean, and Dr. Gankofskie (left), the UF DPD Program Director.

FSHN Student Recognition Night Scholarship and Award Winners


Amongst other select FSHN undergraduate and graduate students, several undergraduate dietetics seniors were awarded. Abigail Starcher was awarded the Howard Appledorf Memorial Scholarship and was recognized with the Outstanding Senior Award. Kelly Esterline and Verena Vancil were awarded Earl Wilmot Hartt scholarships.


Dietetics Students Visit Bread of the Mighty Food Bank


Junior and senior dietetics students enrolled in Community Nutrition (DIE3310) visited the local food bank, Bread of the Mighty, during Spring 2019 to volunteer and to learn more about the food bank's services to the community.  


Dietetics Students Earn Moo-Lah Grant for Alachua County Public Schools


Left to right: Timothy Arbeau, Verena Vancil, and
Susanna Park; Image from: UF IFAS Blog

Students enrolled in Community Nutrition (DIE3310) are challenged to apply for real-life grants to benefit local community organizations. In the Spring 2018 semester, Timothy Arbeau, Susanna Park, and Verena Vancil wrote, and applied for the Moo-Brew funding grant for Alachua County Food and Nutrition Services (FNS). The Moo-Brew grant is offered by the Florida Dairy Farmers Moo-Lah for Schools. At the end of the semester, the students found out that the grant had been awarded to the Alachua County FNS. The grant will allow the Alachua County FNS to offer a free-standing coffee bar to Buchholz High School and P.K. Yonge students. This coffee bar is intended to serve coffee beverages with 8 oz of milk and 2 oz of coffee, thereby encouraging the consumption of milk.

For more information, visit the UF IFAS Blog.


UF Dietetics Student at Summer Camp 2018

Samantha Toffoli, a UF DPD student, had the opportunity to work as a dietary needs specialist at Camp Lochearn, an all-girls residential summer camp located in Post Mills, Vermont. Samantha was responsible for teaching culinary arts, Pilates, and tennis to girls between the ages of seven and fifteen. However, also stepped up to prepare meals for students with food allergies and intolerances; including meals made without gluten, dairy, egg, nuts or animal products. Samantha said she used her knowledge from my undergraduate studies in Dietetics. Part of the challenge was to prepare allergen-free alternatives that resembled the meals the other children were eating.

Samantha learned"how to prepare meals on a larger scale and follow allergen safety procedures in order to avoid cross contamination. She also learned to create allergen free meals that were nutritionally balanced and that "children will love." At the request of the campers, Samantha put together a small cookbook so that the campers could enjoy their camp allergen free meals and desserts at home.

According to Samantha, "one of the most rewarding aspects of this opportunity is knowing that the girls can be girls, not allowing their food allergies to get in the way of their fun at camp. From the smiles and thank you’s from campers and staff alike, I have made sure to make every meal memorable and enjoyable at Camp Lochearn."