Many professors at the University of Florida are involved in exciting and important research. It is to the advantage of students to gain experience in research laboratories. This provides students with the opportunity to develop relationships with their professors and helps familiarize students with the research process, scientific literature, and publishing research results. In addition, research experience (like other nutrition-related paid or volunteer experiences) can improve a student’s chances of receiving an internship appointment.


FSHN Research

To learn about the projects currently being undertaken by UF FSHN faculty, visit our faculty directory.

Make an appointment with a professor whose research interests you and inquire about opportunities to participate in ongoing research through independent study credit, as a volunteer, or paid employee.


Paid Research Experiences

An excellent opportunity for completing a research project under the direction of a faculty mentor is available through the University Scholars Program (USP). Students interested in participating are expected to seek a faculty member who is willing to oversee their research. Students selected to participate in this program conduct their research under the supervision of their faculty mentor and complete a manuscript detailing their research for publication in The Journal of Undergraduate Research. A stipend is provided to the student.

Research experiences designed to familiarize students with the research process and interest students in pursuing a graduate degree are also available to undergraduates through two additional programs.

  • The Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) and College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) offer summer paid internships for students.
  • The Florida Agricultural Experiment Station or Florida Cooperative Extension Services offers a six-week research internship working with faculty on a research or extension project.
    • The Florida Cooperative Extension Service provides an extension internship where students plan and teach in one of the extension offices in the state.
    • More information is available through UF IFAS/Extension.