Financial Assistance

Information on financial aid can be found at the UF Office for Student Financial Affairs.

There are scholarship opportunities available for you as a student in the Food Science and Human Nutrition Department, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, and the University of Florida. Information about scholarships can be found at the UF SFA Scholarship Search.

Scholarships, awards, and grants are available to dietetics students through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the Florida Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and the Gainesville Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Scholarships may require an application and are competitive.


Dietetics Tuition

On CampusOff CampusLiving with ParentsSummer 2019
(A+B) On Campus
Tuition/Fees * $6,380 $6,380 $6,380 $2,550
Books & Supplies $1,030 $1,030 $1,030 $410
Computer/Cell Phone $1,280 $1,280 $1,280 $380
Housing $5,650 $5,650 -- $1.700
Food $4,470 $4,470 $960 $1,570
Transportation $1,110 $1,110 $1,110 $370
Clothing Maintenance $930 $930 $930 $330
Personal $360 $360 $360 $80
Total Budget $21,210 $21,210 $12,050 $7,390

*Tuition/fee figures are projected estimates for 2018 - 2019 incoming freshmen entering UF for the first time. Tuition/fees for continuing students may be lower. Out-of-state undergraduates should add $22,278 to projected tuition/fees.

For more information, see: Office for Student Financial Affairs.


Additional Costs of the Dietetic Program

  • Lab fees for specific courses range from $5-$50 per course, as stated in the UF DPD Student Handbook.
    • DIE 3310   Community Nutrition
    • HUN 4445  Nutrition and Disease 1
    • DIE 4246   Medical Nutrition Therapy
    • DIE 4125   Food Systems Management
    • DIE 4125L Food Systems Management Lab
    • FOS 4310L Experimental Foods Lab
  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics membership is required by Fall of Junior year or after 60 credits; students are encouraged to join at the beginning of the program.
    • Cost for student membership is $58.
    • Students must make a copy of their receipt or membership card and submit it to Kohrine Counts, Dietetic Program Coordinator.
  • Transportation cost for required class assignments.
    • Transportation costs for volunteer or shadowing experiences will vary depending on facility; many volunteer experiences are available by walking or bus transportation; additional travel costs may vary.
  • ServSafe® book and exam (required in DIE4125L, Food Systems Management Lab) – ServSafe® Essentials with exam sheet, approximately $80.00.
  • In the last semester of the dietetics major, students will be applying to dietetic internships.
    • Dietetic Internship Centralized Application Services (DICAS) Application Fee (online internship application; $40.00 for first application, $25 for each additional application).
    • D&D Digital (Computer Matching): $50.00
  • Application fees for dietetic internship or graduate programs (costs will vary depending on internship and graduate program and number of applications).