Dr. Anita Wright

Associate Professor

Dr. Wright also has a courtesy appointment in the Microbiology and Cell Science Department. Her research interests focus on pathogens related to the seafood industry, particularly Vibrio species associated with shellfish. She is a member of an advisory board for the F.D.A. Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Commission and has served on U.S.D.A. Food Safety review panels. Her funded research investigates the genetics of bacterial polysaccharide capsules. She has also received multiple Sea Grant awards, which have resulted in the development of molecular probes and typing systems for detection and characterization of bacteria and protozoa in seafood and the environment. Dr. Wright is currently involved in the establishment of the first jointly funded, U.S.D.A.- Oyster Industry Laboratory in Apalachicola, FL, specifically designated as a research facility for improving and promoting safety and consumer confidence with the Florida Seafood Industry.




Anita Wright, Ph.D.