Second Round Match Instructions

If the University of Florida Master of Science – Dietetic Internship Program has open spots after the first round of matching, qualified applicants will be considered beginning 11:00 AM Eastern Time on the Thursday following the match notification date. Applications must be submitted by 11:59 PM on that day. Decisions will be made during the following week.

To be eligible for the second round application process, you must:

  • have been unsuccessful in securing a match during the first round of matching of the current year
  • have already taken the Graduate Record Examination
  • review our website to make sure this is a program that meets your needs and interests and is within your financial means
  • check the admission criteria and policies for the University of Florida’s Graduate School; if you do not meet these criteria, please do not apply to our program
  • release your DICAS materials to the University of Florida Master of Science – Dietetic Internship program; your GRE score must be included in your DICAS application materials

If you are invited to become part of the internship class, you must submit an application to the University of Florida Graduate School, including the $30 application fee, within one week of the invitation. Failure to do comply with this requirement will forfeit your invitation.

Final acceptance is contingent upon verification of your GPA from official transcripts and official GRE score report from ETS submitted to the UF Graduate School. Prior to beginning the program, all applicants accepted to the program must submit an official transcript showing completion of a Bachelor’s degree and an original copy of their DPD Verification Statement. Applicants matched to the program who do not complete their degree and/or submit an original copy of their DPD Verification Statement will relinquish their spot in the program.