E-Learning & Instructional Design Services

The FSHN E-Learning Lab can help you develop a full course or program, review and revise an existing course, or flip all or part of your course. We provide instructional design assistance for fully online, flipped, hybrid, and traditional face-to-face courses. Services are available to instructors, administrators, and staff at the University of Florida, including graduate students and post-doctoral associates.


  • Recommendations for student engagement and assessment
  • Guidance on accessibility and ADA compliance
  • Video  studio and multimedia production
  • Green screen recording
  • Consultations for customized services
  • Location video and other services

Benefits of Working with us

Since instructional designers utilize pedagogically sound models and principles, working with an instructional designer can

  • Increase instructor presence and student engagement
  • Ensure accessibility
  • Enhance course organization and usability
  • Improve consistency within a course and across a program
  • Strengthen quality of lectures and other instructor-created material

Video Studio

Video recording lectures in modules allows for flexible, easy-to-update canvas courses with fast turnaround time.

  • Rich media webcast for online courses.
  • This format provides the additional flexibility of easily updating your PowerPoint slides, even after the recording is completed.
  • PowerPoint slides can be added in conmbination with the instructor
  • Presenters have a reference monitor to view their slides during the recording, as well as an optional teleprompter for a script.
  • Closed captions can be added

Green Screen

Green screen is a powerful multimedia tool for video presentations and online lectures.

  • Allows presenter to interact directly with the content on the same screen.
  • PowerPoint slides can include animations, transitions, and embedded videos.
  • Slides must leave at least 1/3 blank margin on the side where the presenter will stand, to not cover any content.
  • Slides cannot be updated after the initial recording.
  • Green screen recording superimposes the presenter over the PowerPoint presentation. With a green backdrop, software removes all shades of green and replaces it with your content.
  • The presenter must not wear any green (or even teal) clothing for these recordings.

Wearing green will cause unwanted compositing effects.

Presenters have a reference monitor to view themselves during the recording, as well as an optional teleprompter for a script.

Other Services

We also offers several innovative and interacting learning tools such as field production, screencasts, audio recording, and more.

Location Video Services

Location video services extend beyond the scope of the traditional lecture format:

  • On-site lectures
  • Facility tours
  • Laboratory demonstrations
  • “Person-on-the-street” interviews
  • Promotional/Marketing content
  • In-Studio Single & Multi-camera Interviews

Additional Services

  • Audio recording, with professional microphones and sound recording workstation
  • Screen capture recording, with or without voice-overs
  • Post-production, including titles, motion graphics and limited special effects
  • Photo headshots

Contact Us

To reserve the room for a recording, or a consultation please contact us at: