Dr. Keith R. Schneider


The main focus of Dr. Schneider’s research has been on food safety, with particular emphasis on produce safety and food defense. The University of Florida is heavily involved in improving the quality and safety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Dr. Schneider’s program has been influenced by an increase in the number and frequency of foodborne illnesses associated with the consumption of raw fruits and vegetables. His on-going research program has examined etiologic factors, contamination mechanisms, and intervention strategies, as well as the production of educational materials.

Research Publications
  • Wood, M.V., A. Sreedharan, R. Silverberg, A.N. Balaguero and K.R. Schneider. 2015. The Effects of Heat Shock on the D-Values of Listeria monocytogenes on Selected Seafood Matrices. Advances in Microbio. 5(8):580-585. doi: 10.4236/aim.2015.58060
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  • Balaguero, A.N., A. Sreedharan, and K.R. Schneider. 2015. Effect of Overhead Spray and Brush Roller Treatment on the Survival of Pectobacterium and Salmonella on Tomato Surfaces. J. Food Protect. 78(1):51-56. doi:10.4315/0362-028X.JFP-14-254.
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  • Chang, A.S., A. Sreedharan, and K.R. Schneider. 2013. Peanut and peanut products: A food safety perspective. Food Contr. 32(1):296-303.

Book Chapters

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