Dr. Gloria Cagampang


Dr. Cagampang’s research has involved investigations on the basic properties of rice, wheat, corn and sorghum. She is recognized as one of the world's experts on rice.

Research Publications

Note: Dr. Cagampang’s research while she was Research Fellow at Kellogg Company for twenty-three years was proprietary, and was therefore not published.

  • Cagampang, G.B. and Kirleis, A.W. 1984. Some properties of starches from the floury and corneous endosperm fractions of three sorghum cultivars of intermediate grain hardness. Starke 37:253.
  • Cagampang, G.B. and Kirleis, A.W. 1984. Relationship of sorghum grain hardness to selected physical and chemical measurements for grain quality. Cereal Chem. 61:100.
  • Cagampang, G.B., Kirleis, A.W., and Marks, J.E. 1984. Application of small sample back extrusion test for measuring texture of cooked sorghum grain. J. Fd. Sci. 49:278.
  • Cagampang, G.B. 1983. Studies on the elucidation of the physicochemical basis of sorghum grain quality. Ph.D. Dissertation, Purdue Univ., West Laf., IN.
  • Cagampang, G.B., Griffith, J.E., and Kirleis, A.W. 1982. Modified adhesion test for measuring stickiness of sorghum porridges. Cereal Chem. 59:234.

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