Dr. Soohyoun Ahn


Development of rapid and sensitive detection assay for pathogens and biological toxins in foods is critical for food safety, bio-security and clinical diagnosis. Dr. Ahn’s research interest is to develop rapid, inexpensive and simple assays for simultaneous detection of multiple pathogens in foods or in the environment. For the development of these assays, she utilizes various techniques, including immunomagnetic separation, ELISA, multiplex PCR, lateral flow assays, bead-based sensors and microarray. She is particularly interested in building a small, portable microfluidic platform, which will be ideal for field assays. Current research projects include: (1) development of bead-based suspension microarrays for simultaneous detection and characterization of multiple foodborne pathogens, (2) development of immunofluorescence assay for simultaneous detection of Salmonella and E. coli O157:H7, and (3) Study of STEC prevalence in small-sized cattle farms.

Research Publications
Selected Publications
  • Long, W., Pao, S., Inserra, P., Westbrook, E. and Ahn, S. 2011. Efficacy of Ozone Produce Washers in Reducing Natural and Artificially Inoculated Microorganisms on Roma Tomatoes and Green Onions. Journal of Food Safety, 31:268-275
  • Jarquin, R., Hanning, I., Ahn, S. and Ricke, S.C. 2009. Development of Rapid Detection and Genetic Characterization of Salmonella in Poultry Breeder Feeds. Sensors, 9:5308-5323.
  • Larson, C.L., Shah, D.H., Dhillon, A.S., Call, D.R., Ahn, S.,Haldorson, G.J., Davitt, C. and Konkel, M.E. 2008. Campylobacter jejuni invade chicken LMH cells inefficiently and stimulate differential expression of the chicken CXCLi1 and CXCLi2 cytokines. Microbiology, 154:3835-3847.
  • Ahn, S. and Durst, R.A. 2008. Detection of Cholera Toxin in Saefood Using a Ganglioside-Liposome Immunoassay. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 391:473-476
  • Ahn, S., Kulis, D.M., Erdner, D.L., Anderson, D.M., and Walt, D.R. 2006. Fiber-Optic Microarray for Simultaneous Detection of Harmful Algal Bloom Species Using Sandwich-Hybridization. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 72:5742-5749.
  • Song, L., Ahn, S.and Walt, D.R. 2006. Fiber-optic Microsphere-based Arrays for Multiplexed Biological Warfare Agent Detection. Analytical Chemistry, 78:1023-1033.

Assistant Professor - Food Science