Dr. Jesse F. Gregory


The focus of Dr. Gregory’s research involves B vitamins (especially vitamin B6, B12 and folate) and their function in human nutrition.

His major research area is one-carbon metabolism, which constitutes the biochemical reactions involved in methylation reactions (for example, of homocysteine, DNA, etc.) and in the production of nucleotides for DNA and RNA synthesis. He is interested in determining the effects on these processes of dietary and genetic variables, including the metabolic consequences of: marginal and excess intakes of certain B vitamins, conditions that can stress these reactions, and genetic variables in the human population. This research includes analysis of metabolite profiles and measurement of in vivo metabolic reaction rates in human subjects and various model systems.

Dr. Gregory’s lab also collaborates in research regarding B vitamin synthesis and metabolism in plants, which clarifies unknown aspects and has potential to involve their nutritive content




Jesse F. Gregory, Ph.D.