Zhiyong Cheng, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor — Human Nutrition


Dr. Cheng's lab seeks to define the molecular mechanism of metabolic derangements in obesity and type 2 diabetes. Specifically, we are studying the regulatory network of FoxO and autophagy that mediate adipose development, expansion, and conversion. The effects on targeting FoxO and autophagy on mitochondrial function, adiposity, and metabolism are being investigated. Another project in the lab is focused on the epigenetic mechanism of metabolic changes, where we determine the effects of the environmental factors (e.g., nutrient and hormonal signaling) on DNA methylation, gene expression, and metabolism. The long-term goal of Dr. Cheng’s research is to develop mechanism-based strategies to prevent or treat the metabolic disorders.



HUN 4221, Nutrition and Metabolism
HUN 4813C Laboratory Techniques in Molecular Nutrition
HUN 4936, Nutritional Epigenomics


HUN6245, Advanced Human Nutrition (co-instructor)
HUN 6936, Nutritional Epigenomics

Zhiyong Cheng, PhD