Tropical and Subtropical Seafood Science and Technology Society of the Americas

The Seafood Science and Technology Society of the Americas is a professional and educational association for aquatic food product technologists working with seafood and aquacultured products.  They are interested in the application of food science to the unique problems of production, processing, packaging, distribution, storage and preparation of the tropical and subtropical species be they harvested, cultured or fabricated for domestic or international commerce.  Their principle objective is to advance the use and understanding of applied and basic science as it relaties to product quality and safety.  Their membership is open to commercial interest, government agencies, academic expertise and students.  Membership simply involves registration and participation in their annual conferences. The topics typically involve products from the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic regions, from Texas through Virginia and including the Caribbean Basin and countries about the Gulf of Mexico.  They welcome and encourage participation from siliar tropical and subtropical regions around the world. 

The society's prime activities involve an annual conference to exchange ideas, results of research, educational programs and new developments.  These proceedings have been preserved in annual publications through 1997 and through the adoption of an electronic source / website in 1999.



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