SST 8th Annual Conference

Proceedings of the 8th Annual Tropical and Subtropical Fisheries Technological Conference of the Americas.


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Activities of the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council Page 1
World Shrimp Production Trends and the U.S. Import Market Page 6
World Production, Imports and U.S. Demand for Spiny Lobsters Page 20
Ways of Improving Communication (Extension) between the Fisheries Industry and Institutes in Latin America Page 34
Temporal Changes in Fish Community Diversity Near a Sewage Outfall, Makapu, O'ahu, Hawai'i Page 45
Preliminary Results of a Study of Survival and Growth of Cut vs. Hooked Commercial Sponges in the Florida Keys Page 60
Preliminary Observations from On-Board Handling Deep-Sea Crabs (Geryon sp.) Harvested from the Gulf of Mexico Page 63
Experimental Gear for Harvesting Deep-sea Crab (Geryon sp.) from the Gulf of Mexico Page 73
Purse Seine Fishing for Coastal Pelagic Species in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Page 85
Adductor Muscle Parasites, Sulcascaris sulcata, in Calico Scallops from the Southeast Coast of the United States Page 102
Determination of the Thermal Death Time of Vibrio cholerae in Shrimp (Penaeus setiferus) Page 109
Evaluation of the Elevated Temperature Incubation Procedure for the Recovery of Salmonellae from Oysters Page 120
Incidence of Salmonellae in Clams, Oysters, Crabs and Mullet Harvested from Two Locations in Florida Page 126
Isolation of Indole-producing Bacteria from White Shrimp, (Penaeus setiferus) Page 134
On the Relationship between TbOD and COD in Industrial Liquid Effluents from Fish Processing Plants Page 137
Closed System Shedding of Blue Crabs: The Virginia Experience Page 147
Textural Measurements as an Evaluation of Fish Freshness Page 157
Textural Variation within Cooked Fish Fillets Page 172
Preliminary Comparison of Pasteurization Methods for Flaked Fish Page 187
Enzymatic Ammonia and Urea Determinations in Fresh Seafoods Held Refrigerated and on Ice Page 196
Detection of Bones in White Fish Fillets Using Electronic Candling Page 207
Exploration of Menhaden as a Resource for Surimi Production and Use in Simulated Shellfish Products Page 222
Utilization of Osmoregulation in Penaeid Shrimp to Enhance Flavor Characteristics Page 234
Consumer Perception of Sulcascaris sulcata in Scallop Adductor Muscle< Page 253
Texture Analysis of Tail Meat for Macrobrachium rosenbergii Page 260

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