SST 7th Annual Conference

Proceedings of the 7th Annual Tropical and Subtropical Fisheries Technological Conference of the Americas.

January 11-14, 1982
New Orleans, Louisiana

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Longline Shark Production During a Trial Cruise in the Gulf of Mexico Page 1
Effect of On-Board Handling on the Quality of Sharks from the Gulf of Mexico Page 7
Seafood Technology and Sport Fishing Page 20
Verifying “Freshness” of Tournament Fish Page 24
Evaluation of the Textural Attributes of Minced Fish Patties Made from Fish (Turbot and Pollock), Soy Flour, Soy Protein Concentrate and Sodium Alginate Page 36
Suitability of Seafoods to Retort Pouch Processing Page 48
A Comparison of the Edibility Characteristics and Chemical Composition of Sixteen Species of Southeastern Finfish Page 58
Glycogen and Cholesteral Content of the Venezuelan Scallop Pecten papyraceau (Mollusca, Bivalva), at the Consumer Level Page 72
Trimethylamine Formation in Dried Fish Page 82
Fabrication of Structured Foods from Underutilized Fish Page 92
A Morphological Study of Muscle Proteolysis in the Tails of Macrobrachium rosenbergii Page 105
Forecasting Exvessel Shrimp Prices for the Northern Gulf Page 113
Economic, Market, and Technical Considerations for Prawn Farming in South Carolina Page 139
Fao Marketing Information and Advisory Services for Fish Products Page 143
Trends in Export of Federally Inspected Fish Page 146
Problems Regarding Extension of Fisheries Technology in Developing Countntries Page 154
Fao Regional Cooperative Programs on Fish Utilization in Latin America Page 163
Biological Treatment of Fish Processing Wastes in the Tropics Page 171
Spiny Dogfish for Yu-sone, Surimi, or Kamaboka: An Extension Report Page 180
Optimization of Drying Conditions for Stockfish Produced from Underutilized Fish—Design of a Fish Dryer Multistaged by a Programmable Controller Page 191
The Bacteriology of Fresh and Spoiling Tropical Freshwater Fish Page 202
The Effect of Packing on the Microbiology of Seafoods in Transit Page 216
Effects of Surface Association and Osmolarity on Vibrio cholerae Page 224
Survival of Vibrio cholerae 01 in Seafood During Frozen and Refrigerated Storage Page 239
Determination of Thermal Death Time of Vibrio cholerae in Oyster Meat Homogenates (Crassostrea virginica) Page 250
Studies on the Ecology of Vibrio cholerae Page 259
Microbial Quality of Ready-to-eat Seafood Items at Retail Page 283
Isolation of Organisms of Public Health Significance from Clams and Oysters Page 286
Preliminary Report on a Rapid Method for the Detection and Confirmation of Fecal Coliforms (E. coli) from Seafoods Page 290
Evaluation of Various Media for the Recovery of Enterococci in Fresh and Frozen Seafood from the Gulf of Mexico Page 300
Validity of Bacteriological Standards for Shellfish Harvesting Waters Page 311
Hydrocarbon Analysis of Shrimp from Oil Polluted Waters Page 321
Properties of Phenoloxidase Isolated from Gulf Shrimp Page 328
Controlled Atmosphere Packaging of Swordfish Steaks (Flow Through System) Page 340
Spoilage Characteristics of Fresh Shrimp Stored in Vacuum and Atmospheres Containing CO2 Page 351
Ice Consumption During Fish Storage Page 358
Bacteria Detection in Seafood Through Nucleic Acid Hybridization Page 370
The Postlarval Ocean Management Study: Habitat Based Fishery Management—An Alternative Page 380

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