SST 6th Annual Conference

Proceedings of the 6th Annual Tropical and Subtropical Fisheries Technological Conference of the Americas.

April 20-23, 1981
San Antonio, Texas

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Situation of the Fisheries in Guatemala Page 1
Factors that Influence the Quality of Shrimp from Asia Page 5
Fishes of the Bolinoa (Philippines) Fish Market Page 7
Present Status of Seafood Technology in Venezuela Page 10
Aquaculture in Mexico Page 15
Aquaculture in Marine Organisms: A Renewable Bio-Resource Page 17
Shrimp Mariculture General Information and Commercial Status Page 20
Market Development in the Midwestern U.S. for Gulf and South Atlantic Seafoods
from 1977 to 1980
Page 25
The Marketability of Prawns (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) in Restaurants in South Carolina: A Preliminary Analysis Page 38
Economic Assessment of a Potential Sardine Fishery in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Page 42
Developing Export Markets for Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic Seafood Products Page 47
Economics of Seafood Processing in Mississippi Page 60
Torry Meter Readings versus Subjective Evaluations of Five Gulf Coast Finfish Page 66
The Effect of Water, Bisulfite and Hypochlorite Rinses on the Microbial Flora of Shrimp Page 70
Rapid Method for Determining Shrimp Decomposition Page 75
Indole Formation in Shrimp Page 91
Differentiation of Frozen-Thawed and Fresh Shrimp Page 102
A Progress Report on the Purification of Phenoloxidase Page 111
Quality Changes during Iced Storage of Whole Freshwater Prawns (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) Page 116
Development of an Enzyme Affinity Assay for Seafood Products Page 128
Quantitation of Histamine in Tuna Using an Enzyme Affinity Assay Page 137
Review of Waste Management Regulations Affecting the Southern Seafood Industries Page 146
The Crawfish Industry of Louisiana: A Review Page 155
Alligator Meat: An Evaluation of a New Seafood Page 158
The Bacteriological Quality and Safety of Pasteurized Langostino Tails Page 161
Improvement of Seafood Quality Page 169
Optimization of Drying Conditions for Stockfish Produced from Underutilized Fish: Application of Explosion Puffing on Dehydration of Fish Page 175
Prototype Cookers for Investigating Aqueous Cooking of Dressed or Whole Finfish Page 189
Processing Variables Affecting Color Development on Smoked Mullet Page 202
Brown Shrimp (Penaeus aztecus) Packed in Modified Atmospheres Containing
Carbon Dioxide
Page 206
On-Board Quality Considerations in Developing New Fisheries Page 215

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