SST 5th Annual Conference

Proceedings of the 5th Annual Tropical and Subtropical Fisheries Technological Conference of the Americas.

April 27-30, 1980
Charleston, South Carolina

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Production of Salted Mince from Mullet and Frames of Red Drum and Grouper Page 1
Pilot Plant Production of Sauteed Fish Flakes (Yu-sone) for Export Page 11
Steam Unit to Aid in Oyster Shucking Page 24
Texture Improvement in Fabricated Shrimp Shapes by Addition of Surimi (Washed Minced Fish) Page 40
Florida Smokies: A Fried Cold Smoked Fillet Produced from Roe Mullet Page 54
Overview of Ciguatera Seafood Poisoning Page 62
The Marketing Opportunity for Freshwater Shrimp in South Carolina: A Preliminary Survey Page 67
Preliminary Data on the Influence of Environmental Microflora on the Safety and Utilization of Blue Crabs and Oysters Page 70
Bacteriological Survey of Crawfish Processing in Louisiana Page 81
Interaction of Selected Antibiotics on Four Common Bacteria Associated with Fish Page 94
Development of Packaging for Inland Marketing of Fresh and Freeze/Thaw Fresh Fish Page 101
Use of Alaska King Crab Board Method for Determination of Percent Stated Net Weight for Split Snow or King Crab Legs Page 115
Preliminary Report on the Use of a Fluorescamine Flourescent Technique to Evaluate Shrimp Quality Changes During Storage Page 130
Processing for Blue Crab (Calinectes sapidus) Meat Stability in Storage: Absence of Peroxidase Enzyme Activity and Possible Role of Acid-soluble Nitrogen Constituents Page 140
A Preliminary Study of the Edibility Characteristics of Southeastern Finfish Page 148
Brine Freezing Shrimp Page 158
Penetration Mechanism and Distribution Gradients of Sodium Tripolyphosphate in Peeled and Deveined Shrimp Page 165
The Quality and Safety of Shrimp Sold by Roadside Vendors in Texas Page 174
An Enzymatic Assay for the Measurement of Ammonia in Seafood Products Page 181
Determination of Phosphorus in Shrimp Treated with Sodium Tripolyphosphate Page 195
Textural Variability in Fish Fillets

Page 205
Oxidative Rancidity in Whole-glazed Frozen Crawfish Page 214
A Comparative Study of Analytical Techniques to Quantify Ammonia in Dogfish Page 225
A Study of Fish Bones as a Quality Factor in Seafood Products Page 236


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