SST 4th Annual Conference

Proceedings of the 4th Annual Tropical and Subtropical Fisheries Technological Conference of the Americas.

April 22-25, 1979
St. Petersburg, Florida

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The International Fisheries Scene—Changing Directions and New Priorities Page 1
Product Quality and Safety Research Activities of the National Marine Fisheries Service Page 6
Shrimp Boat Sanitation Page 12
Free Liquid Content of Oysters Harvested from Apalachicola Bay during the Month of March Page 38
Bacteriological Survey of Iced Commercial Oysters at the Retail Level Page 50
A Micorbiological Survey of Coastal Georgia Commercial Ice Plants Page 58
“Dip Stick” Method for Monitoring Fecal Coliform Levels in Shellfish Page 71
Planococcus Citreus: Its Potential for Shrimp Spoilage Page 79
Quality Acceptance Inspection of Sexually Mature Frozen Female Mullet Page 91
Fluid Separation of Fish by Shape Page 97
The Economic Freezing of Fish in a Plate Freezer Page 111
The CentrifumaticCrab Machine Page 115
Solar Drying of Seafood Products: Mullet Roe Page 118
Some Observations on the Brining of Mullet Page 128
Extension of Flounder Shelf Life by Poly (Hexamethylenebiguanide Hydrochloride) Page 137
Freezer Storage of Blue Crabs for Use in Picking Plants Page 150
Quality and Chemical Stability of Yu-sone made from Different Species of Underutilized Fish Page 158
Deboned Fish Flesh from Non-traditional Gulf of Mexico Finfish Species: Production Yields and Composition Page 168
Deboned Fish Flesh from Non-traditional Gulf of Mexico Finfish Species: Microbiology Page 173
Present Thinking in Washington about Fisheries Development Page 178
Seafoods—What Additional Information is Needed to Fully Appreciate this Nutritive Value? Page 184
Fish Flakes Offer Expanded Finfish Processing and Improved Seafood Uses Page 188
The Determination of Optimal Cooking Time and Temperature of Shrimp in Microwave Cookery and Consumer Orientation on the Subject Page 196
The Biology and Fishery of the Queen Conch (Strombus gigas): A Review Page 203
The Stability of Adenosine Deaminase and Adenosine Monophosphate (AMP) Deaminase During Ice Storage of Pink and Brown Shrimp Page 211
The Effect of Salt, Tripolyphosphate and Sodium Alginate on the Texture Quality of Fish Patties Page 218
The Spoilage Mechanism of Gulf of Mexico Finfish Stored in a Modified CO2 Atmosphere Page 234
Possible Hazards from Use of Chlorine by the Food Industry Page 242
A Review of the Louisiana Cholera Outbreak Page 249


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