SST 3rd Annual Conference

Proceedings of the 3rd Annual Tropical and Subtropical Fisheries Technological Conference of the Americas.

April 23-26, 1978
New Orleans, Louisiana

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Fish Flakes Offer New Possibilities for Finfish Utilization Page 1
"Sea Dog" made with Minced Mullet and Textured Soy Flour Page 7
Storage Stability of a "Sea Dog" made from Minced Mullet Page 17
Process Development for a Foreign Marketable Fish Product from Underutilized Fish Page 29
Studies on Shrimp By-catch Utilization in Mexico Page 45
Absorption of Oxygen as a Measure of Fish Meal Stability Page 62
The Effect of an Employee Education Program on the Bacteriological Quality and Yield of Blue Crab Processing Page 74
Preliminary Report on the Use of a Specific-Ion Electrode (Ammonia) in Determining the Quality of Shrimp Page 83
Evaluation of the Agar Plate Procedure for IMViC Typing of Fecal Coliforms Isolated from Seafoods Page 88
Effect of Boiling, Frying, Microwave Heating and Canning on the Proximate, Mineral and Thiamin Content of Shrimp Page 94
Microbial Development on Shrimp as Affected by Delayed Heading Page 102
Objective Color Determination as a Quality Index for Panulirus argus Page 111
Oyster Drip Loss Part I: Variability of Drip Loss in Commercially Shucked Oysters from Gulf States Page 116
Bioeconomic Assessment of a Poultry and Tilapia Aquaculture System Page 126
Market Potential for Sardines from the Gulf of Mexico Page 142
Economic Programs to Stimulate Utilization of Gulf of Mexico Groundfish Page 157
Effects of Different Species of Crustaceans and Spoilage Conditions on the Chemical and Molecular Weight Characteristics of Chitin/Chitosan Products Page 167
Flushing of Shrimp Heads from Coastal Waters Page 180
Dre Clean-up Techniques for Reducing the Bod Waste Load from Shrimp Processors Page 205
Characterization of Waste Loading from a Shrimp Packing House and Evaluation of Different Screen Sizes for Removal of Heads Page 214
Enumeration of Microbial Flora in Seafood Marketed in Florida January 1, 1977 - December 31, 1977 Page 225
Factors Affecting Proteolytic Breakdown of Texture in Minced Fish Gels: A Project Status Report Page 240
Flavor Losses in Mechanically-Picked Crab Meats Page 251
Storage Characteristics of Several Underutilized Fish from the Gulf of Mexico Page 254
Composition and Storage Stability of Spanish Mackeral and Related Species Page 268
Comparison of Two Methods for Removal of Breading from Frozen Raw Breaded Shrimp Page 278
The Effects of Dietary Fiber on Survival, Growth and Feed Efficiency of Juvenile Blue Crabs (Callinectes sapidus) Page 285
Evaluation of Selected Holding System Environments Used in Laboratory Studies with Juvenile Macrobrachium rosenbergii Page 297
Variations in Dissolved Oxygen Concentration in Mariculture Ponds: A Preliminary Model Page 310
An Evaluation of Power Plant Effects on Initial Patterns of Fish Distribution in a Small Florida Estuary Page 331
Instrumental Analysis of Volatiles in Seafood Page 354
Development of a Pasteurized Oyster Product Page 359


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