SST 33rd Annual Conference

Proceedings of the 33rd Annual Conference

October 26-28, 2009
New Orleans, LA

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Seafood Safety Session

Seafood HACCP Alliance and the Pending Hazards Guide
Ken Gall, Cornel University / NY Sea Grant

Update on Seafood Decomposition at the FDA Gulf Coast Seafood Laboratory
Ron Benner, FDA- Dauphin Island, ALĀ 

Thermal Inactivation of Four Human Pathogens on Catfish
Kathleen Rajkowski, USDA-Wyndmoor, PA

Risk and Benefit Assessment: Effect of Eating Commercial Fish on Fetal Neurodevelopment, Fatal Coronary Heart Disease, and Fatal Stroke in the General Population
Phil Spiller, FDA- College Park, MD

Attitudes and Knowledge of US Healthcare Providers about the Safety and Nutritional Values of Seafood
Doris Hicks et al, University of Delaware

Econmic Fraud Session

Ice Glazed Seafood: State Testing and Enforcement
Judy Cardin, Wisconsin Dept. Agriculture & Consumer Protection, Madision

Economic Fraud: A Seafood Marketing Perspective
Paul Balthrop, Fl Dept Agriculture, Bur. Seafood & Aquaculture Marketing

Combating Seafood Species Mislabeling - A Commercial Update
LeeAnn Applewhite, Applied Food Technologies

Identification of Commercial Salmonid Speicies through DNA Barcodes
Michael Morrissey et al, Orgeon State University

Use of Mineral Profiles to Differentiate Harvest Locations for Commercial Shrimp
Keith Gates and LeeAnn Applewhite, University of Georgia and AFT, Gainesville, FL

Value Added Session

X-ray Irradiation: A Novel Technology for Reducing Pathogenic Bacteria on Seafood
Barakat S. M. Mahmoud, Mississippi State University

Validation of Irradiation to Reduce Vibrio vulnificus in raw oysters, Crassostera virginica, from the Gulf of Mexico
Victor Garrido and Steven Otwell, Univ. of Florida

Food Irradiation Facilities and Experience (Gamma Source)
Jim Jones and Richard Hunter, Food Technology Services Inc., Mulberry, FL

Processing and Market Aspects for Irradiated Oysters
Kevin Voisin, Motivatit Seafood Inc, Houma, LA

Food Service Perspective for Irradiated Seafood
Chef Brian Landry, Galatoire's Restaurant, New Orleans, LA

Seafood Quality Session

Processing Innovations for the Seafood Industry
Brent Ledet, et al, Laitram Corp., Harahan, LA

Developing Freeze-Dried Salmon Cubes from Alaska Pacific Salmon
Alexandra Oliveria et al, University of Alaska-Fairbanks

Traceability of Shrimp and Oysters: Pilot Study
Jeff Klapp, TraceGaines, Longmont, CO

Consumer Safe Cooking Procedures for Seafood and Finfish Products
Marlene Janes, Louisiana State University

Food Entrepreneurship: Facilitating Innovation through Partnerships
Barry Nash, NC State University

Improving Great Lakes Aquaculture Production
Fred P. Binkowski, Univeristy of Wisconsin, WI Sea Grant

Domestic Production & Supply

Nation Overview for Current & Future Domestic Harvest/Supply
Steve Murawski, Director of Scientific Programs & Cheif Science Advisor NOAA Fisheries-Silver Springs, MD

Implementation of the Magnuson Act and Its Impact on the Fishing Industry
Andrew Minkiewicz, Kelley, Drye & Warren, LLC, Washington, DC

Efforts to Retain Commercial FIshing Water Access
Tom Murray, Virginia Institute Marine Science

United States Aquaculture Production: Current & Future
Gunnar Knapp, Economics, University of Alaska-Anchorage

Regional Perspectives, Issues and Recommendations
Atlantic Coast - Bill DuPaul, Virginia Institute of Marine Science / VA Sea Grant
West Coast - Gil Sylvia, Oregon State University
Gulf & S. Atlantic - Sherry Larkin, University of Florida
Great Lakes - Phil Moy, University of Wisconsin - Manitowoc

Trade Associations

Collective Overview of Associations (Compilation List)
Steve Otwell, University of Florida/ FL Sea Grant

Working Together Toward a More Perfect Union: Partnering with NFI
Barbara Blakistone, National Fisheries Institute, McLean, VA

ROLES for National Marine Fisheries Services (NMFS), Third Party Services and/or Non-Governmental Organizations(NGO's)

NMFS - Seafood Inspection Program
Brian Vaubel, NMFS-Seattle, WA

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's)
Kathryn Novak, Sustainable Seafood Program Manager, Ocean Conservancy

Collective Overview for Third Parties and NGO's (Compilation List)
Steve Otwell, Univeristy of Florida / FL Sea Grant

Product Safety, Quality & Integrity

Academic Reseach
Murat Balaban, University of Alaska/ AK Sea Grant

Extension Services
George Flick, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Domestic Seafood Marketing Programs

Laura Fleming, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute
Joanne McNeely , Florida Bureau of Seafood & Aquaculture Marketing
Ewell Smith, LA Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board

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