SST 2nd Annual Conference

Proceedings of the 2nd Annual Tropical and Subtropical Fisheries Technological Conference of the Americas.

April 17-20, 1977
Biloxi, Mississippi

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Sciaenid Stock of the Western Central Atlantic between Chesapeake Bay, Virginia and the Amazon River, Brazil page 1
Catch per Unit of Effort in the Florida Spiny Lobster page 14
Seasonal Distribution of Marketable Croaker (Micropogon undulatus) in the Gulf of Mexico page 22
Possible Approaches to the Handling of Underutilized Fish Species page 29
Development of Novel Products from Topical Fish Species page 43
Silage Production in Tropical and Subtropical Fisheries page 59
Recovery and Applications of By-products from Louisiana Shellfish Industries page 68
Estimated Yields of Edible Arkshells (Anadara spp) in Mangrove Areas page 80
Development of a Squid Protein Concentrate from Illex illecebrosus page 88
The Effect of Frozen Storage on the Functional and Organoleptic Properties of Minced Fish made from Several Underutilized Species Harvested from the Gulf of Mexico page 103
Consumer Acceptance of Cutlassfish Relative to Cod and Pollock in Fish Stick Form page 122
The Role of Inspection in Fisheries Development page 136
Bacteriological Profiles–Processed Freshwater Catfish–Normal Flora and Salmonella page 140
The Effects of Antibacterial Agents and Washing Procedures on the Bacteriological Quality of Gulf Fish page 148
Microbiology of the Smoked Mullet Process page 165
Glycogen and Cholesteral Content of Maryland, Alabama and Louisiana Oysters During a Consecutive Twelve-month Period page 173
Effect of Rigor Mortis, Postmortem pH and Storage Temperature on Warner-Bratzler Shear Stress Values for White Shrimp page 187
Ammonia-Producing Enzymes in Penaeid Shrimp page 203
Effect of Ice Storage on the Total Weight, Proximate Compostition and Mineral Content of Shrimp page 213
Effect of various Processing Forms, Packaging Materials, Storage Temperature and Ice Storage Time on the Shelflife of Fresh Gulf Fish page 223
Analysis of Soybean Protein Additives in Fisheries page 241
Preliminary Observations on the Frozen Storage Stability of the Freshwater Prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii page 253
Economic Potential for Producing and Marketing Underutilized Fish: Okeechobee Scale and Rough Fish page 262
Econometric Forecasts for the United States Tuna Industry page 276
Feasibility Analysis of State-owned Experimental Pond Farms page 302
Rational Approaches to Improving Labor Productivity page 309
Preliminary Estimates of the Fish Processing Industry's Capacity page 318
Potential for Exporting Mississippi Fish to Nigeria page 332

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