SST 1st Annual Conference Vol. II

Proceedings of the 1st Annual Tropical and Subtropical Fisheries Technological Conference of the Americas.

March 8-10, 1976
Corpus Christi, Texas

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Transfer of Lipids through Marine Food Chains Page 417
Lipid Metabolism in Channel Catfish Page 426
Flavor Problems in Fish Culture Page 456
Organoleptic and Biochemical Comparisons of Cage Raised and Wild Striped Mullet Page 473
Utilization of Insects as Complementary Diet in Channel Catfish Feeding Page 496
Utilization of Small Mullet by a Cold Smoking Process Page 515
Potential Demersal Fish Fisheries in the Northwest Gulf Page 523
Notes on the Underutilized Fishery Resources of the Gulf of Mexico Page 537
Salt Minced Cod: Microbial Considerations Page 556
Yield and Quality of Mechanically Separated Flesh from Several Species of Cultured Freshwater Fish Page 565
The Effect of Washing on Color and Texture of Minced Croaker Page 585
Functional Properties Influencing Texture Page 587
Selected Textural Properties of Cooked Minced Atlantic Cutlass Fish Sticks Page 602
Roller Extraction of Crab Meat Page 619
The Economics of the Commercial Development of the Gulf of Mexico Bottomfish Page 631
Market Potential for Fish as an Extender in Meat Products Page 645
An Economic Analysis of Effort and Yield in the Florida Spiny Lobster Industry with Management Considerations Page 660
Publicly Supported Seafood Product Development Research: Resource or Market Orientation? Page 675

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