SST 16th Annual Conference

Proceedings of the 16th Annual Tropical and Subtropical Fisheries Technological Conference of the Americas.

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Environmental Quality and Fisheries Page 1
Uptake and Resuscitation of Viable but Non-culturable Vibrio vulnificus by Mercenaria campechiensis Page 6
Distribution of Vibrio vulnificus in Oysters (Crassostera Virginica) Page 13
Low Dose Gamma Irradiation of Vibrio Parahaemolyticus in Crayfish Tail Meat Page 23
Peruvian Cholera Epidemic: Role of Seafood Page 28
Seafood Safety and Inspection – An FDA Perspective Page 34
Spectropolarimetric Properties and Immunological Characteristics of Crustacean Polyphenol Oxidase Page 39
Inactivation of Crustacean Polyphenol Oxidase by High Pressure Carbon Dioxide Page 49
Comparison of Blue Crab Protein Patterns by Isoelectric Focusing Page 60
Purification and Characterization of a Trypsin-like Enzyme from the Hepatopancreas of Crayfish Page 71
Measurement of Lactate Residuals on Treated Shrimp Using a YSI Lactate Analyzer Page 83
Determination of Fish Quality Using a Microfresh Biosensor Page 88
Seasonal Variations in Fatty Acids of 34 Species of Finfish Page 94
Fatty Acid Alterations Due to Biochemical Changes During the Life Cycle of Gulf of Mexico Finfish Page 104
Flavor and Texture Comparison of Hybrid Striped Bass (Morone saxatilis/chrysops) and Red Snapper (Lutjanus campechanus) Page 116
Quality Changes of Aquacultured Hybrid Striped Bass Fillet Meat Resulting from Post-harvest Cooling or CO2 Treatments Page 120
Storage Stability of Tilapia in Relation to Lipid and Tocopherol Composition

Page 129
Antioxidant Properties of Phospholipids in a Salmon Oil Model System Page 138
Evaluation of Packaging Alternatives for Fresh and Pasteurized Crab Meat Page 148
Application and Effects of Lactic Acid and Cryoprotectants on the Storage Stability of Frozen Crab Cores and Crab Meat Page 160
Use of Compostitional Ratios for the Determination of Phosphate-treated Shrimp Page 170
Product Development: Cownose Ray (Rhinoptera bonasus) Page 175
Evaluation of Catfish Surimi Prepared from Fames after Filleting Page 197
Relative Importance of Environmental Factors Among Impediments to Seafood and Other Food Processing in New Jersey Page 203
Management Considerations for By-catch in the North Carolina and Southeast Shrimp Fishery Page 213
Improved Valuation of Changes in Fishery Harvest: Measuring Effects on Consumer and Seafood Supply Firms Page 223
An Economic Assessment of Changes in the Southeast Finfish Processing Industry Page 232
Sea Clam Solid Waste Generation in New Jersey Page 241
Implementing Fishery-based Composting Applications: The Next Step Page 249
Characterization of Wastes from Blue Crab Processing Facilities Page 256
Comparison of Manual and Automated Brine Systems for Blue Crab Meat Recovery Page 273
Fishery Diseases, Environmental Quality and Human Health Page 286
Pathogenic Vibrios and Shellfish Page 286
Phagocytic Interaction of Clam and Oyster Homocytes with Vibrio vulnificus Page 287
The Effects of Ionizing Radiation and High Energy Electron Beams on Molluscan Shellfish with Respect to Vibrio vulnificus Page 287
The Detection and Interpretation of Cadaverine and Putrescine Levels in Fishery Products as Indicators of Decomposition Page 288
Modification of GLC Method: Rapid Screening Test for Putrescine and Cadaverine Page 288
Inhibition of Heat Stable Proteases in Intact Fish Fillets Page 289
The Use of Ozone to Degrade Red Tide Toxins Page 289
Distinguishing Wild from Cultured Fish Using Differences in Fatty Acid Profiles Page 290
Accleration of Lipid Oxidation During Cooking of Refrigerated Mince Channel Catfish Muscle Page 291
Considerations for the Development of Crab Pasteurization Processes Page 291
Elimination of Listeria monocytogenes and Extension of Shelflife in Fresh Crabmeat by Atmospheric Steam Page 292
Function of and Uses for Phosphates in the Seafood Industry Page 292
On-Board Cryogenic Freezing of Sea Scallops Page 293
Interactions of Zinc Ions and Sucrose for Cryoprotection of Surimi Page 293
Waste Reduction in Mechanical Blue Crab Claw Processing Operations Page 294
Recovery and Food Utilization of Surimi Leachwater Proteins Page 294

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