SST 15th Annual Conference

Proceedings of the 15th Annual Tropical and Subtropical Fisheries Technological Conference of the Americas.

December 2-5, 1990
Orlando, Florida

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Challenges for Seafood Technology in the 1990’s Page 1
Evaluation of Fishery Food Product Safety Page 5
FDA/NMFS Joint Seafood Initiative: Status Page 15
Seafood Safety Concerns and Frequencies of Seafood Purchases and Consumption Page 18
A Study of Consumer Perception of Health Risks from Oysters Page 28
A Survey to Determine the Prevalence of Raw Oyster Consumption in High Risk Individuals Page 39
Relative Prevalence of Economic Fraud in the Seafood Industry Page 46
Processing Strategies to Reduce the Number of Vibrio vulnificus in Oyster Page 55
Survival and Culturability of Vibrio vulnificus in Artificial Seawater Microcosms Page 61
Gamma Irradiation of Vibrio parahaemolyticus in the Blue Crab, Callinectes sapidus Page 67
Comparative Effects of Ionizing Radiation and High Energy Electron Beams on Molluscan Shellfish Page 73
Internal Dosimeter for Irradiated Seafoods Page 80
Comparison of Different Extraction Methods on the Purification of Shrimp Polypenoloxidase Page 97
Characterization of Alkaline Metalloproteinases with Collagenase Activity from the Muscle of Pacific Rockfish (Sebastes) Page 105
Use of Alumina Rods for Quantitative Analysis of Cholesterol with the TLC/FIA Iatroscan System Page 126
Factors Affecting Solvent Extraction Efficiency in Fish Lipid Analysis Page 134
Kojic Acid – A Bisulfite Alternative? Page 141
A New Processing Aid for the Inhibition of Shrimp Melanosis Page 147
Phosphate Use on Mid-Atlantic Sea Scallops, Placopecten magellancius Page 154
Use of Bicarbonate Dip to Improve Water Binding Capacity in Fresh Shrimp Page 163
Effects of Ice and Chilled Seawater Storage on Pink Salmon Quality Page 169
Ozone Application in Catfish Processing Page 180
Determination of Ozone Produced Oxidants in Artificial Seawater Page 188
Methods for Improving the Quality and Refrigerated Shelflife of Dogfish Page 193
Report on Emerging Problems in Food-borne Parasitic Zoonoses Page 213
Development of Value-added Salmon Products Page 226
Alabama Roe Mullet Industry Socioeconomics Page 232
Determinants of Imported Shrimp and their Role in the Southeast Seafood Processing Sector Page 240
Measuring Value Added to Gulf of Mexico Shrimp by Processing Companies Page 252
North Atlantic Swordfish Fishery: Problems, Trends and Management Page 262
Relation of Water-Solubility of Fish Muscle Proteins to Gel Formation in the Absence of Salt Page 275
Protection of Mackeral Mince from Rancidity during Frozen Storage (-7°C) using Antioxidants, Barrier Bags and Vacuum Page 285
Thermal Aggregation of Myofibrillar Proteins from Cod, Herring and Silver Hake Page 293
Effects of Deck Treatments and Thermal Abuse on Weight Changes in Shucked Sea Scallops (Placopecten magellanicus) during Storage Page 312
Blue Crab Processing Waste Management: In-plant Methods Page 327
Nutrient and Chemical Composition of Atlantic Snow Crab Offals Page 334
Effectiveness of Recommended Fat-trimming Techniques on Fat, PCB and Mirex Levels in Lake Ontario Brown Trout (Salmo trutta) Page 340
Evaluation of Freezing Treatment on Salmonella and Vibrio Present in Shellstock Oysters and Clams Page 353
Seasonal Flavor Variations in Rangia Clams Page 358
Effect of Packaging on Storage Quality of Iced Catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) Page 362
Inhibiting Melanosis in Trawled and Pond-reared Shrimp Species Page 369
Inhibitory Effect of Kojic Acid on Some Crustacean Polyphenoloxidase Page 373
Application of Computer Vision to Seafood Quality Evaluation Page 383
The Antimicrobial Effects of Lactic Acid and Acetic Acid on Fresh Deheaded Shrimp, and Fresh Grouper Fillets Stored Under Retail Conditions Page 392
An Economic Review of the Southeastern Shrimp Processing Sector Page 398
Comparison of Surimi Gel Strength Measurement Techniques Page 408
Consumer Acceptance on Pasta Supplemented with Surimi Page 418
Flesh Recovery from Filleted Fish Frames Page 425
The Effect of Salt and pH on Red Hake Surimi Page 430
Silver Hake Surimi Trials on Board the “Shinkai Maru” Page 435
Seal Meat: The Ultimate Test of Surimi Technology Page 444
Whole Marine Shrimp Usage and Preferences in the U.S. Wholesale Sector Page 449
Mutagenicity Studies of Kojic Acid Page 464
Comparison of Kojic Acid and Production in Three Culture Media Page 471
A Technology Analysis of the U.S. Atlantic Blue Crab (Callinectes sapidus) Processing Industry Page 476
Heat Tolerance of Spoilage Organisms in Pasteurized Crabmeat Page 500
The Sea Scallop Fishery: A Case for Freezing at Sea Page 505
The Effect of Stocking Procedure and Product Safety on Consumption of Shelf Life in Refrigerated Seafoods Displayed in Refrigerated Display Cases and Ice-only Freestanding Gondolas Page 509
Experimental Seafood Processing Laboratory Page 522


The following abstracts represent conference presentations not submitted as full length papers. The Tropical/Subtropical Fisheries Technological Society encourages publication of all presentations, but publication is an author’s option.

Retail Overview of the FDA/NOAA Fish and Fisheries Product Inspection Program Page 526
Status: Gulf and South Atlantic Fisheries Development Foundation Page 526
Toxic Fractions of Mullet (Mugil cephalus) Viscera Page 526
Recent Advances in Ciguatera Fish Poisoning Research Page 527
Gas Chromatographic Determination of the Volatile Amines DMA and TMA in Seafood Products: Problems and Solutions Page 527
Use and Potential Use of Lactic Acid and Lactates in Fishery Products Page 528
Comparison of Nutrients in Farmed and Wild Fish and Shellfish Page 528
Inhibition of Fish Heat-stable Protease by Alphalin Page 528
Use of Carrageenan Based Stabilizers for Storage, Structure and Improvement of Surimi and Fabricated Seafood Products Page 529
Preliminary Evaluation of Bacterial Spoilage of Processed at Sea Scallop Meat, Plactopecten magellanticus Page 529
Principles of Pasteurization, Minimal Thermal Processing and Status of Sous Vide Page 530
Description of a Microprocessor Controller and Reporting System for Thermal Processing Page 530
Survival of Pathogens in Minimally Processed and Pasteurized, Refrigerated Seafoods Page 531
Factors Limiting the Shelflife of Pasteurized Crabmeat Page 531
Freezing of Blue Crab Meat Page 531
Preliminary Assessment of Frozen Blue Crab Meat With and Without Cryoprotectants Page 532
Enzymatic Hydrolysis of k Carrageenan Page 532
Quality Assessment of Hybrid Striped Bass Following Frozen Storage Page 532
Important Considerations in Developing High w-3 Fatty Acid Canned Mackeral Page 533
Processing Effects on PSP Toxicity in Surf Clams Page 533
Automated Elisa System for Cross-reaction Testing of Monoclonal Antibodies to Commercial Seafood Products Page 533
Use of an Acid Protease for Hydrolysis of Ground Cod Frames Page 534
Suppression of Meloidognye javanica in Soil Amended with Blue Crab Scrap Compost Page 534

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