SST 13th Annual Conference

Proceedings of the 13th Annual Tropical and Subtropical Fisheries Technological Conference of the Americas.

October 16-18, 1988
Gulf Shores, Alabama

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A Message from the Pacific Fisheries Technologists Page 1
Model Seafood Surveillance Project: An Update Page 6
Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Conference Development of a Shellfish Plant Evaluation Form Page 14
Ecological Aspects of Listeria Page 17
Lactic Acid Use in Seafood Microbial Control Page 24
Ozone Depuration of Vibrio vulnificus from the Southern Quahog Clam Page 34
Use of Four Agar Media for Early Detection of Prolific Histamine Producing Bacteria in Tuna Samples Page 42
Extension of Shelf-Life of Fresh Channel Catfish Fillets Using Modified Atmospheric Packaging and Low Dose Irradiation Page 51
Effects of Onboard Handling Methods on the Quality of Gulf Butterfish Page 62
Overview of Wastewater Treatment Options for Louisiana Seafood Processors

Page 72
The Use of Hydrocyclones to Treat Mechanical Shrimp Peeler Effluent Page 88
Evaluation of Proteolytic Enzymes from the Hepatopancreasof Crawfish
(Procambarus clarkii)
Page 97
Occurance of Black Spots in Shrimps Under Physiological Conditions Page 112
Reduction of Sulfiting Agents in Preventing Shrimp Melanosis Page 122
An Improved Phosphate Formulation for Seafood Products Page 129
Development of a Qualified Nutrient Database for Southeastern Species Page 133
Fatty Acid Nutritional Profiles in Gulf of Mexico Fishes Page 145
Characterization of Volatile Odor Components in Crude Fish Oils from Gulf and Atlantic Menhaden (Brevoortia spp.) Page 154
Shrimp Species Identification Using Urea Gel Isoelectric Focusing System Page 162
Identification of Fish Species Used in Surimi Products by Electrophoretic Techniques Page 174
Development of Reconstituted Salted and Dried Fillets from Tilapia Page 184
Trends in the Importation of Fresh and Frozen Seafood Products into the
Southeastern U.S.
Page 198
Research and Marketing Developments for the Rex Eel, Ophichthus rex Page 220
Distribution of Ovary Weights from the Commercial Roe Mullet Fishery Page 226
An Economic Analysis of the 1987 Alabama Mullet Roe Industry Page 230
A Survey to Determine the Awareness of Hazards Related to Raw Seafood Ingestion in “At Risk” Patient Groups Page 238
The following abstracts represent conference presentations not submitted as full length papers. The Tropical/Subtropical Fisheries Technological Society encourages publication of all presentations, but publication is an author’s option.
Vibrio vulnificus in Raw Oysters: Effect of Processing and Ice Storage Page 245
Evaluation of Improved Cooling Techniques for Blue Crab Processing Page 245
Nutritive Value of Pasta Containing Surimi Page 245

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