SST 10th Annual Conference

Proceedings of the 10th Annual Tropical and Subtropical Fisheries Technological Conference of the Americas.

January 7-10, 1985
New Orleans, Louisiana

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Processing Costs and Value Added in the Gulf Shrimp Industry, 1982 Page 1
Principal Economic Factors Determining U.S. Shrimp Prices at Alternative Market Levels Page 11
Market Structure and Channels for Florida Processed and Marketed Oysters Page 23
Forecasting U.S. Shrimp Prices: A Comparison of Three Different Models Page 33
Demand for Major Reef Fish Species in the Gulf and South Atlantic Regions of the United States Page 59
Dried Kingfish as a Potential Export Item Page 73
Survivability of the Nematode Parasite, Sulcascaris sulcata, in the Calico Scallop after Normal and Alternate Processing Techniques Page 89
Effects of Holding Temperature on Body Condition of Starved Adult Noble Crayfish, Astacus astacus linne (Decapoda, Astacidae), from Central Finland Page 107
Sensory and Instrumental Evaluation of Differences Between Red Swamp and White River Crawfish Meat Page 115
Processing Time Effects on the Texture of Fresh Packed Crawfish Meat Page 119
Residual Sulfur Dioxide Levels in Iced and Frozen Shrimp Page 125
A Comparison of Methods for Determining Sulfur Dioxide in Shrimp Page 131
Preliminary Study on the Use of Ion Chromatography to Measure Residual Sulfite Levels in Shrimp Page 141
A Preliminary Procedure for the Detection of Condensed Phosphates in Shrimp Using Thin-layer Chromotography Page 149
Qualtiy Assessments in Production and Processing of Calico Scallops (Argopecten gibbus) Page 157
The Effects of Brine Freezing Crawfish Page 173
Texture Evaluation of Macrobrachium rosenbergii Page 187
Thawed Lobster Tails: Some Quality Changes Page 201
A Possible On-Board Handling Technique for Improving Shelflife of Fish

Page 207
Heat Resistance of Salmonella weltevreden in Brown Shrimp Homogenate Page 213
Thermal Process Studies of Alligator Meat Page 221
Uptake and Fate of Bacteria by Shellfish in a Laboratory Depuration System Page 227
Postharvest Changes in the Microbiological Quality of Shellstock Louisiana Oysters Page 249
Oysters, Fecal Coliforms and Mug Page 257
Low Dose Gamma Irradiation of Vibrio cholerae in Oysters (Crassostrea virginica) Page 261
Oyster Free Liquid Content and Related Physical and Chemical Characteristics Page 275
Author Index – Volumes 1-10 Page 291
Subject Index – Volumes 1-10 Page 301

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