Course Descriptions

BCH 6206 Advanced Metabolism (3) Prereq: BCH 4024, CHM 4207, or consent of instructor. One of three core biochemistry courses. Reactions of intermediary metabolism, emphasizing their integrations, mechanisms, and control. Extensive examples from current literature.

DIE 6241 Advanced Medical Nutrition Therapy (3) Prereq: admission to Master of Science-Dietetic Internship. Opportunity to integrate theories and principles of medical nutrition therapy into clinical practice.

DIE 6242 Advanced Medical Nutrition Therapy II 
(4) Prereq: admission to Master of Science-Dietetic Internship and DIE 6241. Opportunity to integrate principles of medical nutrition therapy into clinical practice.

DIE 6516 Professional Development in Dietetics (2) Professional development assessment, planning and evaluation for future dietetics practice.

DIE 6905 Problems in Dietetics (1-3; max: 4) Prereq: consent of instructor. Not open to students on probation or conditional admission. Individual study and research carried out in community, hospital, or laboratory settings.

DIE 6938 Advanced Dietetic Seminar (1) Prereq: admission to Master of Science-Dietetic Internship. Coreq: DIE 6942. Problem-solving, leadership, and analytical skills.

DIE 6942 Dietetic Internship I (8-12; max: 12) Coreq: DIE 6938. Internship in dietetics in affiliated institutions offering core rotations in community nutrition, food systems management, clinical dietetics and critical care. Emphasizes applying theory to practice. S/U

DIE 6944 Dietetic Internship II (4-8; max: 12) Prereq: DIE 6942. Internship in affiliated institutions offering rotations in long term care, wellness, and staff relief. Interns complete one outpatient rotation selected from outpatient site options of diabetes, renal, pediatrics, student health care, or comprehensive adult outpatient clinics.  Emphasizes skill development for entry‐level practice. S/U

FOS 6915 Research Planning
 (2) Prereq: consent of instructor. Required of first-year graduate students. Planning and initiating research, experimental techniques, analyzing data, reporting results.

HUN 5246 Current Issues in Dietary Supplements (2) Prereq: HUN 2201 or consent of instructor. Federal laws and regulations covering definition, marketing, and labeling of dietary supplements. Discusses specific vitamins, minerals, herbs, and ergogenic aids. Reviews scientific literature and public information.

HUN 5441 Metabolic Response to Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition (2) Prereq: BCH 3025, HUN 2201, and PET 2350 or equivalents. Response of the body’s organ systems to enteral and parenteral nutritional support, emphasizing physiological and biochemical adaptations.

HUN 5447 Nutrition and Immunity (3) Prereq: PCB 4713C. Role of nutrition in immunity. Effect of nutrients, foods, and dietary supplements on regulation of the immune system.

HUN 6245 Advanced Human Nutrition (3) Prereq: BCH 4024 or 3025, and a nutrition principles course. Molecular and cellular aspects of nutrients and discussion of research techniques in genomics and proteomics.

HUN 6301 Nutritional Aspects of Lipid Metabolism (3) Role of lipids in nutrition, with emphasis on energy metabolism and derangements in chronic diseases.

HUN 6305 Nutritional Aspects of Carbohydrates (3) Characteristics, absorption, and metabolism of common carbohydrates in the food chain; carbohydrate metabolism and its regulation; carbohydrate metabolism in disease.

HUN 6321 Proteins and Amino Acids in Nutrition (4) Prereq: BCH 3025. Digestion, absorption, and degradation; emphasis on turnover, requirements, assessment of quality, and effects of deficiencies, toxicities, and physiological stresses.

HUN 6331 Vitamins in Human Nutrition (3) Prereq: BCH 4024 or 3025. Biochemical and physiological functions; nutrient requirements and interactions; response to deficiencies and excesses.

HUN 6356 Minerals in Nutrition (3) Prereq: BCH 4024 or equivalent. Biochemical and physiological aspects of mineral absorption, metabolism, and function.

HUN 6812C Analytical Techniques in Nutritional Biochemistry (1) Prereq: BCH 4024 or 3025 and consent of instructor. Biochemical analyses of tissues and fluids, radio-tracer methodology, metabolic studies, tissue handling, and formulation of experimental animal diets.

HUN 6905 Problems in Nutritional Sciences (1-3; max: 4) Prereq: consent of instructor. Not open to students on probation or conditional admission. Individual study carried out in laboratory, library, pilot plant, or food industry.

HUN 6910 Supervised Research (1-5; max: 5) Prereq: consent of instructor. For nonthesis students only. S/U

HUN 6936 Supervised Teaching in Preventative Health Experience (3) Prereq: None. Training and experience in teaching and leading effective group discussions to promote health behavior change.

HUN 6936 Topics in Nutritional Sciences (1-4; max: 8) Prereq: consent of instructor. Special aspects or current developments in nutritional sciences.

HUN 6938 Nutritional Sciences Seminar (1; max: 4) Prereq: consent of instructor. Presentation of reports on research in nutrition.

HUN 6940 Supervised Teaching (1-5; max: 5) Prereq: consent of instructor. S/U

HUN 6971 Research for Master’s Thesis (1-15) Prereq: for thesis students only. S/U

STA 6166 Statistical Methods in Research I (3) Prereq: STA 2023 or equivalent. Statistical methods based on t, F, and Chi2 tests. Analysis of variance for basic experimental designs. Factorial experiments. Regression analysis and analysis of covariance.

STA 6167 Statistical Methods in Research II (3) Prereq: STA 6166. Analysis of covariance and general linear model. Factorial, nested, split-plot, and incomplete block designs. Analysis of count data.