Current Interns

Class of 2013-2015

Dietetics Interns 2013-2015
Back (left to right): Kaitlin Clark, Lauren Caruso, Samantha Ward
Front (left to right): Alexandra Dati, Inbar Schapsis, Michelle Brown

Class of 2012-2014

Left to right: Eshani Persaud, Kate Bennett, Jenna Norris,
Tiffany Stodtko, Morgan Denhard, and Ashley Hamm


Recent Graduates

Class of 2011-2013

Dietetics Interns 2011-2013
Left to right: Sarah Glenny, Erica Bub, Jonathan Holzinger,
Stephanie Meyer, and Jeanine Beatty

Class of 2010-2012

Left to right: Ashley Kendall, Lauren Headrick, Cassie Rowe,
and Michelle Zitt

Class of 2009-2011

2009-2011 Dietetics Interns
Back (left to right):Julie Martinez, Jamie Stolarz, Rebecca Clinton
Front (left to right): Anghela Paredes, Lisa Chan, Leila Kalley

Class of 2008-2010

Left to right: Lindsey Pipkin, Colleen Davis, Lakshmi Mahan,
Lydia Snyder, and Jennifer Marquez

Class of 2007-2009

Left to right: Doretta Ho, Sarin McKenna, Anita Conley, Kathleen O’Connor,
Valerie Weyenberg, and Stephanie Cupples