The MS-DI Program Director meets with incoming students to explain the requirements of the graduate program, provide course advisement, and answer individual questions. Required courses are listed below. The sample program of study outlines where these courses fit into curriculum. The curriculum includes approximately 38 graded credits of graduate courses and 12 credits of S/U graduate credits.

The UF Graduate Catalog, FSHN Department Graduate Student Handbook and the MS-DI Program Handbook and Policy and Procedure Manual identify requirements for the MS non-thesis graduation requirements and degree.

The MS-DI program adheres to the University of Florida Academic Calendar during the first four semesters of the program. During the full-time internship component of the program (January-August, semesters 5 and 6), all university holidays are observed and there is a one week break that occurs at approximately 14 weeks into the internship. This break may not coincide with the university schedule for spring break. There are no breaks between semesters during the full-time component of the internship (i.e., semester 5 and 6).

Required Courses

BCH 6206 Advanced Metabolism 3
FOS 6915 Research Planning 2
HUN 6936 Research Projects in Nutrition & Dietetics 1
STA 6166 Statistical Methods in Research 3
DIE 6241 Advanced Medical Nutrition Therapy 1 3
DIE 6242 Advanced Medical Nutrition Therapy 2 4
DIE 6938 Advanced Dietetic Seminar 1
DIE 6516 Professional Development in Dietetics 2
DIE 6942 Dietetic Internship I 8
DIE 6944 Dietetic Internship II 4
FYC 6421 Nonprofit Organizations 3
FYC 6934 Practicum in Nutrition Education and Wellness : Program
Planning and Development
DIE 6905 Problems in Dietetics: Nutrition and Wellness 1
DIE 6936 Food and Culture in Southern France 3

Plus at least 3 courses from the following list

HUN 6301 Nutritional Aspects of Lipid Metabolism (Fall, Odd Years) 3
HUN 6305 Nutritional Aspects of Carbohydrates (Fall, Even Years) 3
HUN 6321 Proteins and Amino Acids in Nutrition (TBD) 4
HUN 6331 Vitamins in Human Nutrition (Spring, Even Years) 3
HUN 6356 Minerals In Nutrition (Spring, Odd Years) 3
HUN 6356 Supervised Teaching Preventive Health Experience 3

Course Descriptions

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