Dr. George L. Baker

Assistant Professor


Dr. Baker's duties include extension services and research addressing technical aspects of seafood and aquaculture product safety, quality and nutrition in both domestic and international commerce, as well as stakeholder interests in commerce and regulation from production and processing through food service and retail sectors.

  • Dr. Baker’s current research interests include functionality of palm and palm kernel oil in foods, sensory quality and oxidative stability of prepared foods and food ingredients during storage, food quality and safety.
  • Specialties:

    • Seafood safety
    • Nutritional, instrumental, flavor, & sensory analysis of seafood products
    • Consulting and problem solving, with specialization in chromatographic and solid phase microextraction separation techniques
    • Oxidative rancidity and product shelf-life determinations
    • Former CEO of an independent food testing laboratory
  • Undergraduate:
    • FOS3042 – Introduction to Food Science (Fall & Spring)
  • Graduate:
    • FOS6936 – Technology of Food Fats & Oils (Fall & Spring)
  • Shrimp School
    • The annual Shrimp School, presented jointly by UF/IFAS Food Science & Human Nutrition Department and Florida Sea Grant had its first class in 1995. The training program was conceived and organized by Dr. Steve Otwell, Professor Emeritus. The school is dedicated to advancing shrimp product quality and safety, and has become the leading academically-based domestic and international training program for shrimp processors and regulators worldwide. This technical program features current and basic topics through lectures and actual hands-on training.
    • For more information, please contact Dr. George Baker
George Baker

George L. Baker, Ph.D.