There are 4 Exams and 3 Assignments that make up the Man's Food course. The total points for these is 225 pts.


  • 4 examinations (160 pts: 53%)
  • Food recall assignment (80 pts; 27%);
  • 2 Persusive Essays (Assignment 3) (50 pts; 17%) and
  • Pepsi Challenge (10 pts: 3%)
  • Bonus Assignments

All assignments not turned in on-time will result in a zero (0) with the exception of Assignment 1 - Part 3, which will have 5 pts deducted per day. For the Pepsi Challenge you MUST BE PRESENT on that day to receive credit, there is no make-up for the Pepsi Challenge. You can also do one of the sensory panels offered throughout the semester.

Grades will be posted through e-Learning under 'My Grades'

There will be NO EXTRA CREDIT assignments to improve your final grade.
Final Grades are non-negotiable. No excuses accepted!!!!

INCOMPLETE GRADE - will only be given for medical reason or extreme circumstances documented through the University of Florida Student Services.  Poor performance is not a reason for receiving an Incomplete grade.

Additional Grading Information

    • Four, 40 minute, multiple choice, true/false exams (40 pts each) covering the four modules.  Exams will be offered through e-Learning and you may take them anywhere you have access to computer and a stable internet including at home.  Go to Critical Exam Dates for rules concerning Exams.

      • Exams are available during a specific time range 7am - 7 am.
      • Don't wait until the end of the time range to take your exam, you system crashing is not an excuse for a make up and you will receive the score posted - so be smart and don't wait until the last minute.
      • Remember that the exam is 40 min so it will close at 7 am and not let you complete it if you started after 6:20 am
    • Grades are based on total points not percentage. You need to have the following total points for the letter grade.

      Letter Grade Minimum Points Percentage
      A 270 90
      A- 264 88
      B+ 255 85
      B 240 80
      B- 234 78
      C+ 225 75
      C 210 70
      C- 204 68
      D+ 195 65
      D 180 60
      D- 174 58
      E Below 174 Below 58
      • You will have two weeks from the posted grade in Sakai to dispute your score. If your grade is important, you should dispute it immediately.
      • Due to the large amount of paper generated in this class, we will not keep exams, assignments or bonus points for an extended period of time (ONLY TWO WEEKS). 
      • Documentation of a missed exam or assignment must be provided within ONE DAY of the due date, unless you have an extended medical issue.
      • Do not wait until the end of the semester to dispute a score.
      • Any personal issues you have throughout the semester, such as with a girlfriend, wife, parents, etc., should be directed to Student Services or Counseling ServicesDO NOT WAIT until the end to bring me these problems, as you will not get any sympathy or help from me as to your final grade.
    • Final grades are based on a total of 300 points.  During the course you will be allowed to earn bonus points totaling 20 points.  These are an insurance policy for you to do well and for any technical glitches that may result from your system.

      Note: There are total points required for each grade level.  It is your job to get the points necessary for the A, B+, B, etc.  I WILL NOT CHANGE YOUR GRADE BECAUSE I PROVIDE YOU WITH BONUS OPPORTUNITIES.

      IMPORTANT:  I will deduct the bonus points (0-28 pts) from your total score if you persist in trying to change you final grade.

      Student Services and Counseling can assist you in getting excuses for personal problems, so see them first and they will contact me.