Course/Exam Rules

Please read carefully this section. There are specific rules about your exam. If these rules are not followed, then major consequences occur.

      • You have 1 week to dispute a zero grade once posted
      • You have 2 weeks to dispute a course grade once posted
      • No documentation of an excuse will be accepted after 1 day from the due date - all make-ups must be completed within 2 days of the due date except for an extended medical excuse, UF function, etc.
      • If your grade is important resolve the issue immediately; otherwise after 2 weeks it will not get changed
      • I will not respond to emails, messages etc. concerning a grade if it is beyond the 1 day and 2 week policies.
      • DO NOT wait until the end of the semester for an issue unless it is within the review policy above
      • NO MAKE UPS for internet or WiFi failure or your system crashing. There are facilitities that you can use on campus or at libraries, etc. So make sure you computer system is dependable including internet.

      • Email ( should be used for requesting make-up exams.  Make-up exams will only be allowed for students:
        • who are ill with proper documentation - just showing up at the infirmary may not excuse you - it is up to the instructor.
        • who have an emergency - death in family, car accident involving an injury, etc. - however, you will be required to show supporting documentation.
      • Make up exams will be allowed for the following provided you email ( me
        1 week before the exam
        • UF function - requires documentation. Job interview is acceptable.
        • Religious holidays.
        • All others are considered unacceptable because you can take the exam anywhere as long as you have internet connection
    • Specific exam rules
      • Where to Take Exams
        On-Campus and Off-Campus students can take their exams anywhere. However, it is your responsibility to have a good operating system including internet or WiFi. Go to Critical Dates for dates and times.

    • Exam Schedule

      • Fall, Spring and Summer semester's time ranges will occur over a 24 h period. Exams will start at 7 am on the date and end at 7 am the following morning. Students must take the exam between these times.
        • What are legitimate excuses for missing an exam:
          1. Medical - requires documentation showing you were sick for the exam day. You must show documentation by the next day (1 day) and you can only make-up the exam within 2 days of the due date.
          2. Emergency - family emergency requiring documentation of the event during the exam time.
          3. Accident - requires documentation and must demonstrate a timeframe that insures a hardship for taking the exam.
          4. UF Function - requires documentation of an event during the time of the exam. Job interviews are considered acceptable here. Requires approval before the exam for a make up.

          Amanda Hogle Email:, 392-392-1978 x402
          for scheduling

          • When can I take a makeup if approved?
            • most make ups must be taken within 2 days after it was offered depending on your excuse.
            • only extended medical excuses, UF function, etc. will allow you more time

          Remember that your excuse must demonstrate a hardship during the time the exam was given; otherwise it will not be acceptable

      • Failure to take the exam in the make up period will result in a zero for that exam.
      • Missing the Exam without an excuse will result in you receiving a 0 (ZERO) for that exam - DO NOT EMAIL OR CONTACT ME FOR MISSING AN EXAM - These are your responsibility and Announcements are posted on Sakai about exam dates.

      • Go to Critical Dates for Exam Dates
      • BONUS ASSIGNMENTS: 8 am to 11:59 pm
        • GO TO Assesments for dates, tries and exam duration.
      • EXAMS: 7 am to 7 am the following day
        • Mozilla Firefox for PC or MAC users - other browsers may crash the system. PLEASE NOTE:Safari or Internet Explorer can crash your system.
        • INTERNET ACCESS: UF has facilities (Computer Labs) so Internet Failure NOT AN EXCUSE - NO MAKE UP
        • OPEN BOOK: All Exams are Open Book if you use the Study Guide, 'Your Food and Health: A Study Guide for Man's Food, 7th Edition' Kendall/Hunt Publisher or written answers to the Bonus Questions. 
          NOTE: Multiple windows can cause the system to crash and there are no make ups for a system crashing; this is your responsibility.
        • REMEMBER: If your computer crashes:
          1. and you still have time, log back into Sakai,
          2. go to Assessments and
          3. continue the test
          - if problem continues
        • 4. CONTACT UF Help Desk at 392-HELP (4357) for assistance

        NOTE: a ticket with them does not gurantee a retake of the exam.  Over 99% of problems, related to web course exams is due to the students system.

        Only a Sakai or UF Server issue will possibly allow some relief.

      1. You can only use the filled out Study Guide from Kendal Hunt for the Exams or written answers to the Bonus Questions for the Bonus Quiz
      2. You cannot open multiple windows in Sakai or do not hit the back button as your system could crash
      3. Your computer system and internet connection are your responsibility. There is no make up for your system crashing and you will receive the score you have.
        1. If your computer crashes:
          1. and you still have time, log back into Sakai,
          2. go to Assessments and
          3. continue the test - if problem continues
          4. CONTACT UF Help Desk at 392-HELP (4357) for assistance
            1. Only a Sakai or UF Server issue will possibly allow you relief for a make up exam