Students may have an opportunity to earn some bonus points for extra readings and taking bonus quizzes throughout the semester.

    • Throughout the semester there may be 4 Bonus Assignments offered. They will be fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice or true/false questions and each assignment will have 10 questions (0.5 pts each, total 5 pts). The goal of these is to:

      • help you learn a little more about topics we are covering in class
      • build up a pool of free points to help improve your score
    • There are questions in Assessments related to each article from a module. Read the articles and answer the questions. You can start and stop as often as you like but must finish before the Due Date listed in Assessments.

Module 1


      Since many of you are new to campus, you need to know some important facts about UF. Bonus 1 will require you to find the answers to the questions found in Assessments - Bonus 1 - Know Your University.

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4