There are three assignments required for this course. You are responsible for completing the assignments correctly. Make sure you have read the information for each assignment as this is your responsibility. Note: the Teaching Assistant is responsible for all assignment information, help, and grading.


DUE DATE: Go to Assignments in e-Learning for Open and Due Dates for these

Assignment 1 has three parts to be completed. Go to Assignments in e-Learning (Sakai) to begin and complete this assignment. NOTE: Parts 1, 2 and 3 have different Open Date times and should be completed in sequential order.

Part 3

Today computers can do many marvelous functions, from balancing your check book, to storing recipes, to figuring your taxes. Nutrition information can now also be performed on a computer to evaluate your nutritional status. Each student will keep track of his/her food intake for four consecutive days. They will then use the computer program ''My Diet Analysis' that they purchased from Pearson to determine their daily consumption of 30 or so nutrients. The program, with your assistance, will also determine your average RDI's for the four days, which is more representative of individual nutritional status than a day to day evaluation.

      • Actual Intakes –vs- Recommended intakes (value 7 pts)
      • All Nutrients Spreadsheet (value 16 pts)
      • Calorie and Fat Sources (value 6 pts)
      • My Plate (value 6 pts)
      • Typed answers to the following questions (short answers and lists are appropriate) based on the information from your Actual Intakes –vs- Recommended intakes, All Nutrients Spreadsheet, Calorie and Fat Sources, My Plate (value 20 pts).
      • Tutorial on running the program (requires Flash Player
    • Example Assignment [4.79MB pdf]
      This is an example of how an outstanding assignment looks.
      1. Did you prove or disprove your hypothesis? Secondly, does your dietary intake meet the RDA (Goal % on Actual Intakes -vs- Recommended Intakes report (Bar Graph Sheet)) for your age and sex group (equal to or above 75% of RDA is OK)? NOTE: all nutrients under 75% must be highlighted. If not, in what areas were you lacking (highlight or star these on your Actual Intakes -vs- Recommended Intakes report(Bar Graph Sheet)? What foods (list 3-4 for each nutrient you were lacking in) could you add or increase your consumption of to bring up your RDA? (6 pts)
      2. What foods (list 4 for each) in your diet are major sources of each of the following: protein? carbohydrate? fat? calcium (Calc)? iron? thiamine (B1)? niacin (B3)? riboflavin (B2)? vitamin A (A-RAE)? vitamin C (C)? fiber (Fiber))? and salt (Sodium)? You will use your All Nutrients Spreadsheet report for each day to help answer this question. (6 pts)
      3. Using the average Calorie and Fat Sources report, what percentages of your calories were derived from fat? protein? and carbohydrate? (highlight or star these on this sheet) (3 pts)
      4. Using the average My Plate report, did you meet your plate goals for each food category? Which categories were you lacking and how many more servings should you consume in order to reach the Plate Goals? (5 pts)


DUE DATE:December 4, 2013 (Wednesday) from 2:00 -3:00p.m. POINTS - 10 pts


The Pepsi Challenge is a sensory assignment to demonstrate how ones senses influence your food choices.

    • Where: Pilot Plant Food Science and Human Nutrition Building (Map)

      When: Check Due Date above or go to Critical Date left window. You can also do it early, Check out "Can you do the Assignment Early?" on the left.

    • Yes!  Food Science and Human Nutrition (FSHN) Taste Panels

      Where: Bldg. 120 (Building 120)

      When: Throughout the semester, starting at various times

      • Announcement on Sakai and also through your Gatorlink email will tell when these occur.
      • Note: These taste tests are on a first come first served basis.  They only need a certain number of panelists and when that number is achieved, they will stop serving.  The closer you get to the starting time, the better your chances of completing this early.  If you can't do one of these, then you must attend the official Pepsi Challenge on the date and time above or you will receive a zero for this assignment.  There are no make ups for this.
      • Note: You will be asked at the end of the Taste test if you are doing it for Man's Food credit - if you respond YES - the next screen will require your Gatorlink email address. If you miss this screen, you will need to take another Taste Panel on a different day. Do not ask the staff as they cannot allow you to take the same panel twice.

Off-Campus Students - Assignment 2

REMEMBER - These student must get permission to be an Off-Campus student.

    • You have two options for completing this assignment.

      • If you will be on campus for the Pepsi Challenge or one of the Taste Panels, you are welcome to attend.
      • However, since it is unlikely this will occur in most instances, I want you to search the web or read a magazine on some issue of nutrition and health or food safety.  I want you to type a one page summary critiquing the article (include the working web address, 2 pts off) and either mail or fax the critique by the due date for Assignment 2 to the following address:

        Email Assignments to:
        Amanda Hogle
  • Assignment 3

Students will be required to develop a persuasive short essay on two topics (Total 50 pts). One selected by the instructor and the second selected by the students. Based on the topic, your role is to convince your fellow students to accept your argument. It will require you to provide research or literature evidence supporting your point of view.

Assignment 3 will have 3 required parts: 1. (15 pts) A persuasive essay - should have three parts: introduction, body describing evidential support and concluding paragraphs (1 page maximum); 2. (5 pts) An article supporting your point of view and your essay – provide a link. It should provide the supporting information for the body paragraph of your essay; and 3. (5 pts) Place a final summary posting in Sakai Discussion - a short paragraph - summarizing your position on the topic.

A Rubics for this Assignment is found at the LINK.