Gator Encounter 2012

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Welcome to my home page.  Here you can find information concerning courses taught, current research, and general information about me.

  • If you are taking one of Uncle Marty's courses, please click on the 'Courses' to the left.  Here you will find information for each course I teach.
  • If you are interested in my research area: Food Chemistry/Biochemistry of foods, then click on 'CONACT INFO' link above and you will be linked to information about me and my research.  We study all aspects of food chemistry/biochemistry from analysis to understanding enzymes and their role in food quality.  We are looking to find natures unique molecules and apply them to food systems.  One such application are peptides from insects, crustaceans and mollusks that inhibit fruit browning. Another is bioactive peptides from seafood waste.
  • Finally, if you want general information about the university, the college, IFAS, and the department there are links above.