Lab Data

Here is where you will find the Class Data for the various Laboratory Experiments you will perform throughout the semester. Data may be provided for each laboratory section or as combined by all laboratory sections. Most of the data is as a Microsoft Excel format, so you should have some knowledge of Excel.

Laboratory Lab Handouts and Data for Tuesday and Thursday Lab Sections**



*Needed for lab report: For Instron Scan put with results as a representation of the Instron data. Remember Class Data for sensory is in folders at the bottom right for each lab section.


NOTE: Lab 11 can be a group report.

I just selected one group of data for all lab sections. It shows the scan of the berries with pH and the spinach. It also shows the L, a, b values for all samples.

The Data below is for Tuesday's Lab only.

Tuesday's Data for Blueberries
Peak 1 Peak 2
pH Abs λ Abs λ
Initial 1.241 330 0.76 520
4 1.303 330 0.249 520
6 1.484 325 0.422 530
8 1.263 370 0.36 585
10 1.809 370 0.309 590

**Remember to select the correct folder(s)/tab(s) in the Excel file for your data. The folder(s)/tab(s) are at the bottom left on the Excel Spreadsheet (below). The folders should have part of the label and the lab section (Tue, Thu 1, Thu 2) (below). Select the folder(s)/tab(s) for your lab section for your data. (see: larger image)

excel folders