Assignment: FOS 4311 - FOOD LABEL (50 pts)

Due: April 24, 2013

    • You will be required to write a typewritten report with tables on the chemical composition of food products found in local supermarkets.  You are free to choose the products and can work as a group of 3 to submit a joint report (Caution: Choose people you can depend on).

      • First pick 3 foods that is represented by different chemical ingredients.  Some good examples would be to compare regular mayonnaise to low and fat free  mayonnaises, or to compare regular peanut butter to low fat and fat free peanut butters, or compare regular ice cream to ice milk and yogurt ice creams, etc.  Thus, you will have to purchase 3 foods for comparison.
        In your report (doubled spaced for text), you should have an:
        1. Introduction (very short) describing the product and how it is manufactured.
        2. Display the original, photocopy or get from the website the labels for the 3 products.
        3. You will then list the ingredients between the different examples of the 3 food product selected.  The easiest way is to present this in a table format from first to last ingredient.  Then explain why the ingredients are added (be sure to discuss the chemistry of these ingredients) and discuss the differences between the products (why are the products formulated differently).  The table below gives an example of how you may wish to present this information.
        4. You will also perform a sensory analysis comparing the 3 food products. You should have a minimum of 5 panelists.
        5. You will be required to have one reference (article, book, review, etc.) as a reference. 

        Table 1. Table of Ingredients for Mayonnaise.

        Kraft Real Mayonnaise Kraft Low-Fat Mayonnaise Kraft No-Fat Mayonnaise
        Water Water Water
        Soybean Oil - -
        - Gum Arabic Guar Gum