Schmidt, Ronald H., Ph.D.

schmidt 175x202Professor Emeritus

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  • Ph.D. University of Minesota; Food Science & Nutrition (Biochemistry Minor), 1974
  • M.S.  University of Minesota; Food Science & Nutrition (Analytical Chemistry Minor),1968
  • B.S. University of Minesota; Dairy Industry (Business / Management Minor),1965

Research Interests

Dr. Schmidt retired from the University of Florida and was granted Professor Emeritus status. He is no longer involved in teaching, research, or extension activities. He is actively involved in industry training in dairy and food safety and in food equipment and facility hygienic design through active participation as a member of the board of directors of 3-A Sanitary Standards ( and the National Conference on Interstate Milk Shipments (NCIMS) (

EDIS Extension Publications

Leadership in Professional Organizations

Florida Dairy Products – Board of Directors

3A Sanitary Standards, Inc. – Board of Directors

Leadership in Food Regulatory Bodies

National Conference on Interstate Milk Shipment (NCIMS) – Board of Directors


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Marshall, D. L., and R. H. Schmidt.  1991. Physiological evaluation of stimulated growth of Listeria monocytogenes by Pseudomonas species in milk.  Can. J. Microbiol. 37:694‑599.

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