Rodrick, Gary, Ph.D.

rodrick 175x202Professor Emeritus

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  • N.I.H. Postdoctoral Fellow. University of Massachusetts; 1973
  • Ph.D. University of Oklahoma; Zoology, 1971
  • M.S. Kansas State College; 1967
  • B.A. Kansas State College; 1966
  • A.A. Dodge City Community College; 1963


D. Ramiriz, D. Heil, G.E. Rodrick. 2008. A Comparative Study of Bacterial and Drip Loss Reduction, Shelf Life Extension and Shucking Efficiency Between Conventional and Hot Water Immersion Techniques. J. Food Protection. (In Press).

Mestey, D. and G.E. Rodrick. 2006. A comparison of cryogenic freezing techniques and their usefulness in reduction of Vibrio vulnificus in whole oysters. International Proceedings for Molluscan Shellfish Safety. Pp. 467-474.

Calhoun, A.J., G.E. Rodrick and F.H. Brown. 2002. Integrity of powered and powder-free latex examination gloves. J. Public Health Dentistry. : 62(3) 170-172.

K.R. Schneider, R.H. Pierce and G.E. Rodrick. 2003. The degradation of Karenia brevis Toxins utilizing ozonated seawater. Harmful Algae 2: 101-107.


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