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Published: September 4th, 2013

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FSHN Telephones Information

FSHN Contact Information

FETL Contact Information

Reporting Phone Problems – Phone problems are first reported to the System Administrator (FSHN=Administrative Assistant, FETL=Program Assistants, Dietetics Office=Administrative Assistant).  A preliminary trouble assessment will be made before requesting a repair (costs usually covered by department for repairs include trip charge and hourly technical charge)

The Food Science and Human Nutrition Department utilizes three phone systems based on location:

  • FSHN Bldg.  & AFPL Bldg. –  Main Line 392-1991
  • FETL Bldg. –  Main Line 392-1978
  • Dietetics Office in MCC D Bldg. – Voice over IP

Each phone has an extension number with optional voice mail.

User guides:

Voice Mail – This guide applies to all phones in the above referenced systems

M7310 Phone – These phones are usually found in faculty and administrative offices

M7100 Phone – These phones are usually found in public access areas and in laboratories.

Additional Norstar Instructions – Voice MailPhone Feature Instructions


General Information

International Calling Codes

Download AT&T 2008 Gainesville Phone Directory

University of Florida

Campus Dialing Instructions

Conference Call Instructions

Voice over IP Information (The future of FSHN phone system)

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