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Dr. Anita Wright

Wright, Anita, Ph.D.

Published: Aug 15th, 2013

Associate Professor Contact Information Aquatic Food Products Lab 586 Newell Drive Room 214/212 Gainesville, FL 32611 Phone: 352.392.1991 ext. 311 Email: Education Post Doc. University of Maryland; Center of […]

Dr. Elaine Turner

Turner, Elaine, Ph.D.

Published: Aug 15th, 2013

Dean, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Professor Contact Information 1604 McCarty Dr. McCarty Hall D Room 2001 P.O. Box 110270 Gainesville, FL¬† 32611-0270 Phone: 352.392.1961 Fax: 352.392.8988 Email: […]

Dr. Harry Sitren

Sitren, Harry S., Ph.D.

Published: Aug 15th, 2013

Professor Contact Information 572 Newell Dr. FSHN Building Room 467 P.O. Box 110370 Gainesville, FL 32611-0370 Phone: 352.392.1991 ext. 216 Email:¬† Education N.I.H. Postdoctoral Research Fellow, College of Medicine and […]