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Published: September 4th, 2013

Category: FSHN Manual

The Food Science and Human Nutrition Department is a member of the UF Domain, which is a logical group of computers running versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system that share a central directory database. This central database (known as the Active Directory starting with Windows 2000, also referred to as NT Directory Services on Windows NT Server operating systems, or NTDS) contains the user accounts and security information for the resources in that domain. Each person who uses computers within a domain receives his or her own unique account, or user name. This account can then be assigned access to resources within the domain.

The benefits of a domain are:

  • Centralized Administration – Management of the entire domain can be done with access to one database.
  • Single Logon Process – Access to network resources can be granted through a single logon (For Example: a UF Gatorlink Account)
  • Scalability – Very large networks can be created.

User Accounts

All new users (Faculty, Staff) that will need access to a computer and the network must be set up with a user account. This can be done through either the FSHN IT Staff or through the IFAS Help Desk after all the necessary steps have been taken (UFID, HR procedures, etc)

After the user account has been created, the department coordinator (Julie Barber) has to associate the user account with the department. (PeopleSoft) once this is done our local IT Staff can assist the new user with logging in for the first time, setting up the password, email, etc.


Microsoft Outlook is the recommended email program for PC others are also compatible, but keep in mind that not all the features of Exchange will be available when using a different email program. For Mac users the recommended email program is Entourage, which is the Mac version of Microsoft Outlook. Both are available for Staff and Faculty at no cost under the Microsoft Campus Agreement.

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