FSHN Printer Information

Published: September 4th, 2013

Category: FSHN Manual

Some of these printers will be added automatically when you logon, but if you think you need access to one of these please have the contact person request the access for you, and our local IT Staff will be happy to assist.

Printer Name Building Room Contact Person
FSHN-DELL1720dn 120 126 Ihab
FSHN-HP1200 FSHN 208 Dr. Gregory
FSHN-1320 FSHN ? ?
FSHN-HP2605 FSHN 202 Dr. Cousins
FSHN-HP2605-2 162 Dietetics Lab Dr. McMahon
FSHN-HP4000 FSHN 202 Dr. Cousins
FSHN-HP8150 FSHN 359 Ihab
FSHN-HPOJK5400 FSHN 449 Dr. Percival
FSHN-HPP2015 FSHN 230 Dr. Gregory
FSHN-RicohMP8000 FSHN 359 Ihab

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